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As of 1st June 2021, the Association is still waiting to hear the Inspector’s decision in respect of the above matter. As you know, we are in favour of housing development on the site but TOTALLY OPPOSED to the prospect of high-rise (14/15 storey) blocks.  I gave evidence, assisted by David Freeman and Jerry Cuthbert, in a very intensive appeal hearing spread out over 11 days in December and January and we are all anxious to know the outcome. 

Update 29 June 2021 - The Planning Inspectorate has upheld Redrow's Appeal and therefore Planning Permission is granted. (Click here for more information.)



All has gone very quiet in respect of plans to build on this sports field in Meadowview Road. The would-be developers have consistently blocked or disregarded plans put forward by sports clubs and schools to use the land for its intended sporting purpose. We continue to press for information from the Planning Department.

Raynes Park Vale Football Club

The Association is pleased that a government grant of £10,000 has enabled the club to lay a new pitch, thus furthering their football ambitions. 

However, we do not support the current application for a change of alcohol licence.

Follow these links for more information:

Raynes Park Vales FC re-applies for Late Night Licence

Objection to RPVFC License Application 

The club already has a members’ licence which enables it to serve drinks and hold functions, under strict conditions to protect local residents. 

The new proposed licence, which would include the sale of alcohol to the general public from morning until very late at night, would disturb and cause stress to residents in the roads surrounding the club and would be inappropriate in an area (Prince George’s Playing Fields) where children play freely.

 Our AGM 

Finally, it has been over a year now since we were able to have a general meeting. We had to cancel our AGM, our socials, our outings, clubs and Open Meetings, so as we move into the Summer, let’s hope we can begin to make plans again! 








John Elvidge (Chairman)

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