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Notification of major gas works: Grand Drive, Morden UPDATE 20/07/18 

You may recall I wrote to you in May to make you aware of our upgrade of our gas network in Grand Drive, Morden. 

Our project is on course to start as planned on 23 July and last approximately 20 weeks as previously stated. However, following feedback from our stakeholders and the local community we have worked with London Borough of Merton to agree a new phased plan of work to minimise disruption. We will now be working in three overlapping phases as follows. 

To ensure everyone’s safety Grand Drive will be made one-way southbound for the duration of our works. A signed diversion will be in place for northbound traffic. Access will be maintained for residents by following the diversion routes. 

Phase one – Grand Drive, between Church Walk and Bushey Road 

We will start our project with two teams both working in Grand Drive from its junction with Church Walk towards Bushey Road. As this phase progresses, one of our teams will move to begin work on phase two. 

Phase two – Grand Drive, between Blenheim Road and Church Walk 

During this phase, one of our teams will begin working in Grand Drive at its junction with Blenheim Road and work towards the junction with Church Walk. 

Grand Drive will remain one-way southbound to ensure everyone’s safety. However, as our work progresses during this phase, we are hoping to be able to re-open some small sections of Grand Drive for northbound traffic to allow residents on Grand Drive to exit their homes and travel north. Grand Drive will remain closed for northbound through traffic and motorists should still follow our signed diversion. 

Phase three – Grand Drive, between Heath Drive and Westway 

Both teams will be working in conjunction on Grand Drive, starting at its junction with Heath Drive and heading south towards its junction with Westway. 

Grand Drive will remain one-way southbound to ensure everyone’s safety. Some small sections of Grand Drive may now be open for northbound traffic to allow residents on Grand Drive to exit their homes and travel north. However, Grand Drive will remain closed for northbound through traffic and motorists should still follow our signed diversion. 

You can find more information about our work on our dedicated project page at: 

Dan Edwards

Southern Gas Networks

Diversion of North-Bound 163 Bus

From Transport for London - 21 June 2018

Dear Mr Cuthbert

Thank you for contacting us on 6 June, about a forthcoming diversion to route 163 in Raynes Park while gas mains replacement takes place. Firstly I apologise for the slight delay in replying.

I can confirm the diversion, which will be in place from Monday 23 July to late December, was only recently finalised. It was therefore unavailable to SGN for their drop-in sessions. Buses towards Morden will continue to serve the whole of Grand Drive, as the southbound carriageway will remain open. 

Buses towards Wimbledon will be diverted along Cannon Hill Lane, Martin Way and Bushey Road to re-join the normal route. Raynes Park Station will continue to be served in both directions. The nearest open stops on the normal route will be St John Fisher School (GP) and Raynes Park Station (P).

We’ll make more information available on our website nearer the time. We did this for the closure of Approach Road at Our local bus operations manager has requested publicity to be produced for affected stops. This will show the nearest open stops. Drivers will also call at any fixed stop, when requested, while on diversion.

Thank you once again for contacting us. Please contact us again if you need assistance with TfL services in the future. We can also be reached by phone on 0343 222 1234.

Kind regards 

Dave Finlow
Customer Service Adviser, 
Transport for London




3 APRIL 2018 – MID MAY 2018 (Completed - Road Re-opened)

23 JULY 2018 – MID DECEMBER 2018


More Details:

To enable replacement of gas mains, by SGN (formerly Southern Gas Networks), parts of Grand Drive will be closed completely to north-bound traffic in stages, starting on 3 April 2018 and lasting until December 2018. 

Stage 1 – Northern end, from Bushey Road up to the railway bridge in Raynes Park. - Work Now Complete.

Stage 2 – From the Beverley Roundabout northwards to Bushey Road

                 Open for southbound traffic only from 23 July to December 2018. 

                 Thus, Grand Drive will be closed to northbound traffic along its length from 23 July to December 2018. 

Latest Information 6 June 2018

As a result of the drop-in sessions that SGN have provided, we now have a better understanding of the proposed road closure for Grand Drive. 

From 23 July 2018, Grand Drive will be closed to northbound traffic from the Beverley Roundabout all the way to the junction with Bushey Road. This closure will run for 20 weeks. 

However, southbound traffic from the junction with Bushey Road to the Beverley Roundabout, will continue to be able to use Grand Drive. 

Access to local streets 

All the side turnings along Grand Drive will continue to be open but traffic entering Grand Drive from the side streets will have to turn south. Similarly, access into the side streets from Grand Drive will only be possible for southbound traffic. 

Diverted Traffic 

A diversion for local traffic wanting to travel north along Grand Drive from the Beverley roundabout to Bushey Road will be signposted, via Hillcross Avenue, Martin Way and Bushey Road. Traffic from further south will be diverted along the A24 (London Road), via Morden and then Martin Way. (See Drawing 1086.05-1A, below). 

163 Bus 

However, the northbound 163 bus will continue along Grand Drive to the traffic lights outside John Fisher School, before being diverted along Cannon Hill Lane, Martin Way and Bushey Road. 

We have now received further information from TfL, which may be read here.

Diverted HGV Traffic 

For HGV traffic from further afield, which normally passes northbound along Grand Drive, a diversion will be in place to encourage HGVs away from local roads. This diversion will be signposted via the A24 (London Road), A240 (Ewell Bypass) and A3, passing through North Cheam, Stoneleigh and Tolworth. (See drawing 1086.05-2, below)

SGN’s leaflet about this project may be found here.


Drawing 1086.05-1A – Diversion for Local Northbound Traffic



Drawing 1086.05-2 – Diversion for Northbound HGVs.








Roadworks Bulletin

road works

Please click here to view the latest update of Merton Council's Roadworks Bulletin.  The bulletin is designed to give the public advance notice of roadworks in Merton, to minimise delays and other problems associated with the works.

If this above link does not work, you can access it directly by going to and then selecting Transport and Streets > Roads, highways and pavements > Roadworks > Roadworks Bulletin at any time.



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