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Mobile Creadit Card Reader and other Scams

Our members are warned about new scams, including one involving what looks like a mobile credit card machine. However, it is really a device for stealing your credit card number and PIN code.

Click this link for the YouTube video posted by the Metropolitan Police-

Cold Callers selling Insulating Foam

Beware of Cold Callers on the telephone or at the door 

We are told by one of our active Members that he received a telephone call on 20th August 2018 inviting him to arrange an appointment to hear all about the advantages of an insulating foam which is applied to the underside of roofing slates/tiles.   

The caller suggested it was a new product from Canada.  However, great caution is advised, as much foam insulation is highly inflamable and gives off toxic fumes went burning.

The "HMRC" Scam

Watch Out – the HMRC Scam is back

Residents are reporting that they are once again receiving scam telephone calls purporting to be from HMRC, and informing them that due to their failure to pay the correct tax they are being taken to Court.  The perpetrators then leave a number to call back on.  To many of us this is an obvious scam, but to some this could give rise to anxiety and the urge to call back to find out what it’s all about. 


Just ignore the call. HMRC would not contact you in this way, and who knows what calling back might cost you!

Yellow Box Cameras in Grand Drive



Since November 2017, traffic surveillance cameras have been installed to monitor the "yellow box" junctions on Grand Drive at Church Walk and Coppice Close. Stop in the box and get a fine!

Wimbledon Police Station - Closure

Planned Closure of Wimbledon Police Station

As many of you will have had by now, on the 1st November, the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime announced the result of their engagement consultation regarding the closure of several police stations across the MET, including Wimbledon police Station.

For us in Merton the impact is relatively significant. They have announced the planned sale of Wimbledon Police Stationto release £7m and save £444k pa running costs. However, an important caveat is that this may take up to two years to go through.

The report also announces that the 24/7 front counter provision for Merton will move to Mitcham Police Station.

MOPAC said “While opposition to these proposals was significant, there was no specific proposal set out by respondents which would allow us to revise our plans whilst also meeting the requirements to make significant savings across the MPS estate, and ensure capital receipts are as high as possible.” 

Borough Commander Steve Wallace made these points:

·                     We currently respond effectively to emergency and non-emergency Borough calls from Wimbledon – we are confident this would be maintained at Mitcham Station

·                     Having the 24/7 front office at Wimbledon does work well now – but could also work at Mitcham and logically follows the 24/7 location 

Some other important points:

·                     Mitcham front counter will be refurbished and upgraded

·                     Actively looking for “DWO hubs” in Wimbledon for officers to work from

·                     The ‘One ‘O’ Clock Club’ site in Wimbledon park is being retained as a DWO hub. 

Neighbourhood Watch committee

The neighbourhood Watch committee, who are made up of local neighbourhood Watch co-ordinators, are really keen to hear from anyone who can spare some time to help improve and expand the work we do to help keep Merton safe. You do not need any prior experience, just a keen interest in community safety and the ability to get stuck in and work as part of a team.  

Lee Roberts, Neighbourhood Watch Manager

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