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Crossrail 2 - The Association's Response

We submitted the following response to the Crossrail 2 Public Consultation, which closed on 8 January 2016

The Raynes Park and West Barnes Residents’ Association (RBWBRA) was formed in 1928 to protect the interests of residents living in the communities of Raynes Park and West Barnes. It now represents around 5000 local residents, via a formal household membership that is renewed annually. 

1.            Overview

RPWBRA is supportive, in principle, of Crossrail 2 and its promise of improved connectivity for the areas around both Raynes Park and  Motspur Park stations. That said, it is crucial that the scheme details as they affect both areas are given careful thought in order to minimise (a) construction impacts and (b) longer-term adverse impacts on existing and future residents, businesses and visitors. At this time, RPWBRA does not have sufficient detail to form a definitive view about whether this is likely to be fulfilled for our own area or Wimbledon, our closest major retail and commercial centre. 

Despite our overall support for the scheme, it is worth noting that many of our residents remain very concerned about the Crossrail 2 proposals, as there is very little official information in the public domain and the public consultation exercise was not well advertised in the local area, given the number of local residents who have an interest in the proposals. As a result, speculation is rife and many inaccurate ‘facts’ are in circulation. 

RPWBRA and our residents would welcome further detail as it becomes available and would also ask for discussions with the team about local opportunities and constraints as they relate to the Crossrail 2 proposals. 

2.            West Barnes & Motspur Park level crossings

There are two existing level crossings within the RPWBRA boundary, both of which cross the branch line to Epsom and Chessington South. The first is at West Barnes Lane / Burlington Road, just south of Raynes Park station, while the second is in West Barnes and adjacent to Motspur Park station. 

Both level crossings are well used and it is essential that high quality rail crossings are maintained once Crossrail 2 is operational. Specifically: 

  •  Leaving the two level crossings unchanged, with an uplift in service, would not be acceptable. The level crossing barriers are already closed for a significant proportion of the day, giving rise to delays, safety concerns and poor journey time reliability by car.
  • Closing the level crossing points is not a viable solution, given current levels of demand. Existing traffic congestion in the area is already high, particularly during peak hours, and closure of the level crossings would divert thousands of vehicles, adding pressure to key local routes such as the A3, Grand Drive and Bushey Road as well as local residential roads.
  • Permanent access across the railway must be maintained, ideally via grade separated crossings in similar locations near to the existing level crossings.  We recognise that the installation of bridges or similar is unlikely to be possible in the exact locations of the two level crossings. We see, however, that it may be possible to provide a new bridge across the railway at West Barnes Lane/Burlington Road, perhaps using land from the Tesco Extra car park and the office building located at the Tesco exit onto West Barnes Lane. We can also see potential to bring land to the south of Motspur Park station into new use (e.g. the former BBC site and/or the former gasworks), perhaps via a southward relocation of the station and the provision of a new bridge across the railway to replace the level crossing. We have not undertaken any formal investigation of these options but would ask that they are considered.

·         Care must be taken to balance the end solution in the wider network, to avoid pulling additional through traffic into the local area on distributor and local roads.

·         Such designs would also need to take into account the proximity major drainage watercourses in the vicinity that come under the Environment Agency’s authority. 

3.            Line between Wimbledon and Raynes Park

Given that the railway is on embankment close to Raynes Park, it is not clear whether a feasible design solution exists to add two new tracks without significant residential land-take. We are also aware of other significant constraints that exist alongside the rail line that would be costly to amend or divert. 

RPWBRA can see the potential benefit, although not formally mentioned in the consultation material, of an alternative tunnel alignment for the two future ‘fast’ tracks running between Surbiton and London Waterloo, with a possibility for tunnel portals close to Berrylands and Earlsfield. This would then allow the existing four tracks between Raynes Park and Wimbledon (and beyond) to be converted for use by the increased numbers of stopping services, adding route flexibility and alternative routes when incidents occur. 

4.            Raynes Park and Motspur Park stations

RPWBRA would welcome the opportunity to share ideas about the future potential for improvement at both stations as part of the Crossrail 2 proposals. We understand that further design work and consultation is planned for 2016 on this section of the route and would ask that we are formally included in this process at the earliest stage.  One key requirement is that both future station layouts allow for full step-free access. 

To form a more detailed view, we need full detail about the proposed totality of future rail services that will serve Raynes Park and Motspur Park, once Crossrail 2 is operational. 

RPWBRA recognises that one of the next steps will be to safeguard land at both Raynes Park and Motspur Park stations. In our view, given the single access point to the southern side of Raynes Park station and other known constraints, it will be essential to safeguard land to the south of the station to offer flexibility and maximise long run benefit. 

5.            Wimbledon station options

We have reviewed the available information for the proposed Crossrail 2 changes at Wimbledon and we are keen to ensure that disruption is minimised. Specifically:

·         We do not have sufficient detail to be able to comment in full at this stage.

·         The option shared for consultation, even taking into account the latest construction phasing proposals, would appear to result in very significant and long-term disruption to Wimbledon’s retail and commercial centre.  This will directly impact Raynes Park and West Barnes residents.

·         The earlier proposals for a tunnel portal at Dundonald Road would appear to offer a far less disruptive (and possible less costly) alternative. The turning point for trains terminating at Wimbledon could be moved further down the line if necessary, perhaps past Raynes Park. We would ask that alternative options for the tunnel portal and Wimbledon station layouts are considered in full, and that we are involved with any onward consultation.


We trust that the above is useful and look forward to receiving more detail very soon, and to engaging far more fully during 2016 and 2017.



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