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Crossrail 2 - Public Consultation - Benefit or Burden?

Will Crossrail 2 be a Benefit or a Burden on our Area? (Updated April 2016)

Members may be aware that there are plans to construct a new railway line through London. This is currently in its early planning and feasibility stages. More information may be found at http://crossrail2.co.uk/ .

The new railway line is planned to come through Wimbledon, Raynes Park and Motspur Park, amongst other places, linking the suburbs in the Southwest of London, via a new underground section in Central London and on to the Northwest suburbs.

Some of the objectives of Crossrail 2 are to increase the railway capacity serving our area and to provide a direct route to more destinations in Central London and beyond, thereby taking pressure off Waterloo Station.

There has been an initial public consultation excercise, which closed on 8 January 2016. This Association submitted its response as part of this consiltation, which can be read here .

You can also access the original public consultation leaflets at https://consultations.tfl.gov.uk/crossrail2/october2015/ , however the period during which one could submit comments and observations is now closed.

The report published by Crossrail 2 on this consultation can now be accessed at http://crossrail2.co.uk/consultation/


Two of the major threats to our locality is the proposal to

Demolish almost the entire commercial centre of Wimbledon Town, including the Centre Court shopping centre and

the possibility that the two level crossings on West Barnes Lane might be permanently closed to road traffic.

If you are concerned about these or any other proposals, you are urged to make your views known to Crossrail 2, your local councillors and MP.


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