Chairman's Blog - April 2021


The Planning Inspector has, we believe, made her inspection of the site where Redrow plan to build flats in 7 towers blocks up to 15 storeys high. We asked her at the Inquiry to visit a large number of other roads which we named, so that she could see the full impact of the buildings, and she agreed to do so. She also agreed that her visit would take in the evening rush hour, so that she could see the effect of school traffic and the impact of the level crossing at West Barnes Lane.

We expect the Report in April. We will, of course, summarise her conclusions at once on our website, and on Nextdoor, then cover it fully in The Guide.


The local free newspaper reports that Merton Council intends to drive up the costs of permits in controlled parking zones, to what may be the highest fees in the UK.  Charges could go up to as much as £690 a year, to park on the street near your home. It held a public consultation on the increased charges, which showed that only a quarter of respondents believed that the costs should be linked to reducing pollution. It hopes to disincentivise car ownership and encourage lower emission vehicles.

It argued that 96 % of those who responded were car owners, but only 68% of residents own a vehicle so the increased fees could potentially be reinvested directly into measures to support complementary sustainable transport measures. The Council estimates that the higher charges will add as much as £1 million a year to its coffers.

Many residents in our area rely upon having a car, since their homes are outside reasonable walking distance of reliable public transport.  Some will have diesel vehicles, which will be charged more than petrol or electric cars, and be unable to afford to change their cars. Many need to park on the streets.

You have to wonder what is the point of public consultation if Councillors simply ignore the views of these who take the trouble to respond, and instead impose their own ideas.


Michael Marks is continuing to liaise with residents in Meadowview regarding their experiences of water-logged gardens and related issues and Mary-Jane is scrutinizing the details on the planning website.

We are pressing the council planners for information about the planning application made by Bellway Homes last November to build on the former LESSA sports ground. Fortunately, Sport England has now formally objected to the proposals, having been informed by the RPWBRA of the high level of interest by sports groups and schools to use the ground for its intended purpose of sport.


 I hope you enjoy this picture of blossom in Joseph Hood Recreation Ground.


John Elvidge

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