Chairman's Blog - Feb 2020


We are delighted to report that Mrs Jill Truman, who is the current Editor of The Guide, and our Joint Secretary, has been awarded the British Empire Medal in the New Year’s Honours. 

This has been granted to her “in recognition of her services to the community in Merton”. 

Jill has been working for the Raynes Park and West Barnes Residents’ Association ever since 1968 and has held every office over the years(except Treasurer  {she says money burns a hole in her pocket) including that of Chairman and Advertising Manager. and Secretary.  She has been tireless in her efforts to improve the well-being of residents. 

In March 2014 she co-founded, and continues to run, the highly successful Pavilion Social Club. This organises weekly get -togethers for men and women in The Pavilion in Grand Drive and other programmes of activities.

Jill also served for many years as a Councillor for the London Borough of Merton and was its Deputy Mayor.    

We offer her our many congratulations on this well - deserved award. 


In the weeks leading up to Christmas we suffered by far the heaviest rainfall ever recorded in these parts. The lower part of Prince George’s Playing Field was under water for weeks.

On the All England Playing Field off Grand Drive a huge lake built up behind the houses in Elm Walk and Southway. This had to be buttressed by earth works piled up around. You can see the size of the lake from the attached photo.   

Fortunately, this lake should become a thing of the past, as the current works include the construction of huge underground holding tanks, which will allow any future floods to drain away gradually into the sewers. 

 John Elvidge

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