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The latest information we have is that it’s Merton Council’s intention to decide the planning application for the massive Redrow development at Burlington Road and on the Tesco extra site on Thursday 16 January 2020.  But we have real doubts that the planners will be able to keep to this date, given that we understand that the Greater London Authority and Transport for London still have issues that they want to be satisfied about; and there will be little working time to sort these out owing to the extended holiday period. 

If the application does go ahead on this date, we will try and let as many local residents know as possible, given the intense opposition to the proposals, as witnessed by the 250 or so people who came to the public meeting that we organised, and the fact that over 350 individual objections were sent in. 

We believe many residents will want to attend at the public meeting in the Civic Chamber to see what the planning committee decide.

If the planning officers recommend acceptance of the scheme in any form, the rules provide that objectors can speak in opposition but only for a TOTAL of 6 minutes in all, with the developers allowed a similar time to respond.   In that event, we will have to sort out speakers who can make their points shortly but very clearly.   The names of the speakers must be notified in advance. 


By April 2021 developers hope to transform the three levels under the four platforms of the former Eurostar terminal at Waterloo into an upmarket shopping and restaurant mall, equivalent to those at the major airports.  The platforms were built in 1994 but have been largely unused since 2007 when the terminal was moved to St Pancras International.  There will be also be a new pedestrian street to be called the Waterloo Curve.  This would certainly enhance the South Bank Centre, which is packed with millions of visitors each year. 

Meantime, let us hope that the high street retail stores can fight back against the closures forced on them by the advent of home delivery services.  One of the tasks of the new government must be relieve these stores of the excessive burdens of rents and business rates, in some way and to recoup the money in taxation from firms which sell here but have moved their taxation regime overseas. 

John Elvidge



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