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This sports ground, which is bounded by Grand Drive, Cannon Hill Lane, Elm Walk, and Southway is being used by the All England Club for its Junior Tennis Initiative, and for general Community use.

The ground already has a bubble housing indoor courts, and also has grass and hard courts, all of which the public can use when they are not required for training or the Wimbledon Fortnight.

In October last year the Club received planning permission to provide another air dome (housing 3 acrylic courts) situated behind the present one, 16 new grass courts, and a new pavilion and a maintenance building. 

The Club is now about to start the construction works, and held a drop in session for local residents to discuss their proposals in April.  

We were told that the work will commence with the delivery of the specialised soil (loam) for the 16 grass courts, which will be of Championship standard. The first delivery for 4 courts was due in May, and others will be phased in between October 2019 and January 2020. The lorries will use the existing northern access point off Grand Drive.

In June work is expected to start on drainage improvements, the acrylic courts in the new air dome, and the seeding of the grass courts.

The planning permission so far granted did not extend to the details of the maintenance building, which was treated as a reserved matter.  The intention is to submit a further application setting out its appearance, maximum footprint, height, and access.

One of our residents in Grand Drive has already expressed concern about extended parking behind her house, and what appears to be a vehicular exit near the end of Southway.

Any queries about what is happening can be directed to the Community Manager of the Ground at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


We are holding an Open Meeting at 7.30pm on Wednesday 12th June at Blossom House School in Motspur Park.  Do come and meet other members, as well as members of the Committee, and we can discuss any local issues that are concerning you.

There will be light refreshments afterwards.  Do come.


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