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The Cannon Hill Ward Councillors called a public meeting on 10th May to discuss a number of local issues.  Over 150 people packed into the St James’ Church Hall. The first and most contentious of these was the vexed question of whether to allow fishing to continue on Cannon Hill Lake. 

The Councillors called the meeting as so much time had passed since the previous plan was adopted to have the fishing monitored by a fishing club, which had not actually happened.  Also, there had been very little consultation before that plan was put in place.

A Council officer was present to give an update on the plan. The Club that runs the fishing on the River Wandle through Morden Hall Park had come forward and offered to control the fishing on Cannon Hill Common. A number of their officers, and others with angling interests spoke, including their water bailiff. Their viewpoint was that if fishing was not controlled, it would happen anyway, and their club had been able to preserve the river banks on the Wandle, prevent litter and detritus, and to maintain good order.

The local residents who spoke were very largely still in favour of a complete ban. They said that the fishermen had taken over, and ruined the improvements put in recently to enhance the banks and provide nesting platforms for the birds. The number of ducks had diminished greatly through the disturbance caused, through swallowing tackle (and dogs had also got caught up in fishing gear), children were shouted at for throwing bread, and residents abused. Fishing took place on the other bank, which was supposed to be kept as a nature reserve. They said that the Lake was too small to have any fishing, and doubted that regulation could work.  There was no detail as to how it would work, how such a club would control it, and how often. 

Some residents thought that even if fishing were banned, it would happen anyway, given that the Council had no staff or intention to control it, and that the police would only intervene to prevent a breach of the peace, and not ensure that a by-law banning fishing was kept to.  So their view was that it was worth giving the fishing club idea a trial period of a year, to see if it worked. If it didn’t, then the ban should be re-introduced.

Forms were provided so that people could express their views, and these are being considered by the Councillors. The two main options are: “I want a fishing ban on Cannon Hill Common” and “I want to see a fishing club established on Cannon Hill Common”.

If you want to express a view, please vote and send it to Cllr. Miles Windsor at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



You will see in the letters section that Cllr Andrew Judge has replied to my letter to the Council Leader, giving the administration’s present stance on green waste collection. I found the reply disheartening, and so wrote again.  I fail to see the logic of introducing a new free bulky waste collection service, when the green waste collection service, which is needed and which is much valued by local residents has been stopped.  The Council has failed to say what the relative cost of each service is, and I have asked for this information. 

We have been told that the issue is being considered again by the Council’s Cabinet, but it does not look as though the green waste collection will continue as before.  We wait to see what, if anything, will be put in its place to help elderly residents, without access to cars, dispose of the tonnes of garden waste that are created, particularly at this time of year.



I suspect that the lovely warm weather in the weeks before the Royal Wedding and the joyfulness of the national celebration on the day itself will be long remembered.  Elm Walk was closed to road traffic for a street party and it was an extraordinary sight, with trestle tables in the street, laden with food and drink, and people sitting in their front gardens with glasses in their hands.  Kids were playing old fashioned games up and down the road. Congratulations to those who thought of it, and took part.


John Elvidge, June 2011

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