Chairman's Blog - April 2023


The Annual General Meeting of the Residents’ Association is being held this year on Monday 24th April at the meeting hall behind Raynes Park Library.  You are all warmly invited.

It starts at 7.30 pm and our guest speaker is Leonie Cooper, who is the Merton and Wandsworth representative on the London Assembly.  She has the reputation of being well worth hearing, and she will be happy to answer your questions.

We will also get an update on how to contact the police in various types of emergencies.

After the formal business of the AGM, which won’t take long, there will be the chance to discuss any other issues that concern you but leaving a good time for the refreshments and drinks!

Click here for the Agenda.

We aim to finish by 9.30pm.   Do come. 


A resident of Elm Walk has contacted the local councillors and us on the dangers of the junction between Cannon Hill Lane and Churston Drive, which is governed by a mini roundabout.  He points out that particularly during the morning and evening rush hours, vehicles coming down Churston Drive do not stop and give way to, as they should, to vehicles coming from their right down Cannon Hill Lane, and do not appear even to notice them.  This is particularly dangerous when there are children on bikes cycling to the three primary schools in the area.

What needs to happen is an enforceable give way sign and road marking at the end of Churston Drive, since Cannon Hill Lane is the primary road.     


As we go to press, we have still heard nothing as to  whether the planning committee’s appalling decision to grant permission for the building of multiple flats on the former LESSA sports ground in Meadowview Road is going to be called in for review  by the Secretary of State.  

The Association made strong representations that this should happen, supported by many local residents, our MP, and Sport England.  We were promised an early decision in January.  Let us hope that no news is good news.   


Throughout the winter months a local resident has been almost daily keeping the footpaths on Cannon Hill Common dry and passable by spreading wood chippings with his wheelbarrow from the pile left for him near the Paddock Allotments.    Now spring has come he has begun planting small bushes and trees by the path leading off the Common towards the coffee stall. This is Edwin, after whom the path has been named Edwin’s Walk.   He has not sought any thanks or recognition for this public service but deserves all our thanks.

John Elvidge, Chairman



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