Chairman's Blog - March 2023


As you know, the RPWBRA is run by volunteers, many of whom have been supporting the Association for over 20 years. Their work has been invaluable. Now it is time to ask if more people can step forward, because we welcome new ideas and energy – and we require assistance in various areas. 

Delivering Guides

If you have an hour or so to spare each month then please offer to deliver some Guides. Even if you can only deliver a dozen, it will help to ease the load. It is also a great way to meet neighbours! 

Helping to run outings or other social or sporting events

We would love to arrange more activities for both children and adults, but we need your input to achieve this. If you could commit to one-off events during the year, please let us know.                        

 Participating in the Committee or Pavilion Management Group

You may have specific skills or knowledge e.g., in IT, planning, local issues or other areas which you feel would be useful to the Association. If so, please consider becoming involved on a voluntary but regular basis. 

Above all, please do join us at open events. The next one, a friendly occasion with refreshments will be held as shown below. All members are welcome, and we also invite local Councillors.

John Elvidge


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