Chairman's Blog - Dec 2022


On 8th November we held a very enjoyable and instructive Open Meeting, with refreshments, in the West Barnes Library.   

Councillor Natasha Irons and Council Officer Charlie Baker spoke to us about the consultation regarding street cleaning and waste collection, as the Council has given formal notice to Veolia that their present contract will not be renewed after 2025. 

John Townsend (Treasurer) then gave a helpful update about the state of the RPWBRA’s finances, with both the Pavilion and the Main accounts in a healthy state. This was followed by confirmation from Dick Coleman (Advertising Manager) that the income from adverts was steadily increasing.

BELLWAY/LESSA/MEADOWVIEW Planning Application: 22/P2351

As Chair, I then led discussion about the RPWBRA’s continuing efforts to combat the planning committee’s decision to grant permission to build 107 dwellings on the LESSA site in Meadowview Road off Grand Drive. We have now put in an objection to the Secretary of State, Michael Gove, which you can read here,

DAVID LLOYD                                    Planning App 22/P3054

Jerry Cuthbert then addressed the issue of an application by David Lloyd for the erection of an Open Sided Cover for Padel Tennis Courts.

Details of the RPWBRA concerns may be read on this link: here.

82-86 BUSHEY ROAD                           Planning App 22/P3021 

Whilst the RPWBRA is not opposing the development, Mary-Jane Jeanes explained that there were aspects of the plan which could be improved.

Further details click, 22/P3021 82-86 Bushey Road


Work in Progress, 456 apartments

Michael Marks spoke about the demolition work in progress at the Tesco site. Since the meeting we have heard that Redrow have sold the site to Barratt London. Barratts state that work on the main site will start next February, with the first of the flats being delivered in June 2024 and completion of the whole 456 expected by June 2025.  They are calling the development Wimbledon Reach.

Last, but very much not least, we heard from RPWBRA member Toby Ewin, who is Chair of the excellent Friends of West Barnes Library and helped to set up the very welcoming meeting.  He spoke briefly about the WB Library and its forthcoming anniversary, then both he and Clare Townsend spoke about factors affecting both Raynes Park and West Barnes libraries.


In early December we are holding an afternoon Christmas party for our many RPWBRA volunteers as a thank you to them. It will be held in the Residents’ Pavilion. It is the first time that we have been able to hold it, owing to Covid, for 3 years.

It cannot be repeated often enough that the Association, now over 90 years old, is entirely dependent on the hard work and good will of a large number of volunteers, who give freely of their time and energy to act as our Area Co-Ordinators and Road Stewards, to run the Pavilion, and to serve as our Committee.

We wish you all a very Happy Christmas, and hope that 2023 will bring you everything that you wish for.             John Elvidge, Chairman  


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