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Works at A3 Hook and Local Bus Stops

Announcement from TFL - March 2015 - Works at the A3 Hook and Local Bus Stops

The A3 Hook Roundabout is a grade separated junction where the A3 Kingston Bypass runs under the A243 Hook Road. The grade separated roundabout is sustained by two road bridges and pedestrian access is provided by a separate adjacent footbridge. A map attached illustrates the location.

In 2011, an HGV collided with the footbridge and road bridges at the Hook Underpass and caused damage to all the structures which require repair. The proposed works involve concrete repairs to the damaged road bridges and replacement of the existing footbridge with a new, wider footbridge that can be used by cyclists and pedestrians safely.

 Footbridge Replacement - Pedestrian and Traffic Management during the works

 The footbridge and immediate surrounding footways will be temporarily closed for approximately 11 weeks whilst the works are taking place and there will be pedestrian diversions in place to ensure safe crossing of the A3. The details of the pedestrian diversions are being reviewed following engagement with stakeholders including the local Borough council officers, the works contractor for TfL, the Metropolitan Police, Southborough High School and Tolworth Girls School. In principle, the pedestrian diversion routes proposed for crossing the A3 are as follows:  

1.    Using the zebra crossing points and footways on the west side of the Hook Road roundabout

2.    Along Hook Rise (North & South) slip road footways and the Fullers Way subway.

Early feedback from Southborough High School and Tolworth Girls School suggests that they are supportive of the project and agree that the works will be of benefit to the local community. Currently, we are planning for this work to be carried out during the coming Spring / Summer 2015. The exact dates will be confirmed once all the necessary arrangements for the works are finalised.  

Whilst the old footbridge is being lifted and removed from the site, the A3 carriageway will be temporarily closed in both directions for the safety of road users. This operation will be carried out overnight (one night only) and will be scheduled to take place during a weekend.  

Once the footbridge is removed, only lane closures and slip road closures will be required to carry out the other highway and bridge support modifications required for the new footbridge. On completion of the modification works, a full road closure on the A3 will be repeated again to install the new footbridge. Traffic diversions will be put in place to manage traffic on the A3 during each of the road closures.  

Pre-scheme BT Service diversion works (enabling works)  

Prior to the footbridge works, BT will need to carry out some work to reposition their cables in the footway alongside the A3 Hook Rise southbound off slip road, in preparation for the footbridge replacement works. These works are planned to take place from 14 February 2015 for up to 3 days. During this time, it will be necessary to close one lane of the A3 Hook Rise South Slip Road for the duration of the works.

  A3 Hook Underpass Road Bridge - Concrete Repairs  

We are planning to carry out some initial concrete repair works to the damaged road bridges at Hook Roundabout towards the end of March, with the remainder of the works programmed together with the footbridge replacement works. These initial works will be carried out during night time over two weekends and will involve a road closure for southbound traffic only.

  A3 Elmcroft Drive - Road Safety works

  I would also like to advise you of another scheme taking place at the junction of the A3 Hook Rise South and Elmcroft Drive. This is unrelated to the Footbridge work and consists of installing a vehicle crash barrier at the northern end of Elmcroft Drive. This is planned to complete prior to the main footbridge works.  

The Hook Footbridge programme is being finalised and I will keep you updated regarding any further developments. We will be delivering letters to local addresses giving information of the works, for your information a copy of the letter is attached to the email.

Please contact  Gary Murphy, Consultation Specialist,  Consultation Team Transport for London (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) directly if you for further information

Changes to Bus Stops – 200 Copse Hill

Working together, Transport for London (TfL) and London Borough of Merton will be making some changes to the bus stops in the Copse Hill area during March 2015. The changes are necessary to improve the safety and the accessibility of the bus stops. All the affected stops are served by bus route 200 which runs between Mitcham and Raynes Park via Wimbledon.

Here is what we will be doing at each bus stop:

a)             Stop outside 35a Cottenham Park Road – Bus stop extended

We will extend the bus stop ‘cage’ and clearway marking by approximately 8 metres east (outside Holland Gardens). This will help deter parking and allow buses safe and easy access to the kerb. 

b)            Stop outside 18 Cottenham Park Road –  Bus stop removed

We will remove this stop. It is located on a left hand bend, meaning bus drivers have a restricted view of traffic behind as they pull away from the stop. It is also very close to the next stop. Unfortunately there is no suitable alternative site available but the next stop is only a short distance away (approximately 120 metres) near the Church Hall. 

c)              Stop outside Church Hall, Cottenham Par Road – Bus stop moved south slightly and shelter removed

We will move this stop to a new location approximately 15 metres south, outside nos. 4 & 6 Cottenham Park Road. The existing stop does not meet accessibility standards due to the length of the raised kerb, and it is not possible to extend it due to the vehicle crossovers at either end. Also, buses stopping at the existing stop can reduce visibility for the nearby zebra crossing. The new location will allow a longer raised kerb, meeting accessibility standards, and will improve pedestrian and driver sightlines for the zebra crossing. 

The new location is not suitable for a bus shelter due to the presence of tree roots and the need to maintain clear pedestrian access to the stop. We will remove the existing shelter as it will be in the wrong place. However, most people waiting for buses towards Mitcham prefer to use the bus stop in Copse Hill outside the tennis club, which does have a shelter, as the journey is shorter. 

d)              Stop outside 3 & 5 Cottenham Park Road – Bus stop and shelter removed

We will remove this bus stop and shelter. This stop is located almost directly opposite the new location for stop c) described above. This means that if both stops are occupied by buses there would not be enough room for traffic in both directions to pass. Unfortunately there is no suitable alternative site available but the previous stop is only a short distance away (approximately 160 metres) in Copse Hill outside the tennis club. 

e)             Stop outside 5 Copse Hill – Bus stop moved to west of High Cedar Drive with shelter provided

We will move this bus stop approximately 150 metres west to outside Cedarland Terrace and nos. 19 & 21 Copse Hill. We will also provide a bus shelter at this new location. We will need to relocate an existing sign post at the new bus stop location – the new location for the post is to be confirmed. 

The existing stop is located on a busy road nearly opposite another bus stop. When both stops are occupied by buses there is limited space for other vehicles to pass, causing traffic to build up and leading to some vehicle drivers making dangerous manoeuvres. This also makes it difficult for pedestrians to cross the road. This area is particularly busy at school start and finish times. 

Also, the existing stop is very close to the previous stops for both directions and a long way from the next stop at Atkinson Close, leaving some bus users from the area to the north of Copse Hill with a long walk.

The new location will be more suitable, will ensure the bus stops are more evenly spaced, and will reduce the walking distance for some bus users. 

f)              Stop outside tennis club, Copse Hill – Bus stop extended 

We will extend the bus stop ‘cage’ and clearway marking by approximately 11 metres west (outside no. 16 Copse Hill). This will help deter parking and allow buses safe and easy access to the kerb. 

g)            Stop in Durham Road near Cottenham Park Road – No change to bus stop

h)    Stop outside 162 & 164 Durham Road –  No    change to bus stop

i)      Stop outside Roskeen Court, Ridgway – No change to bus stop


j)    Stop in Atkinson Close – No change to bus   stop 

Impact on bus service and parking

There will be no change to the way bus route 200 serves this area. It will still serve the two stops in Copse Hill in both directions, turning at the stop in Atkinson Close as now. 

All bus stops will have ‘no stopping except buses’ restrictions, as now. Although there will be some changes to where parking is available, with some parking space removed and some parking space released, we expect that the overall impact on the availability of parking space will be limited. 

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