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A letter from our Life President - April 2021

No-one could have known - least of all me - what was ahead of us fourteen months ago and just how much our lives and perspectives would change. 

Many people have suffered great sadness and loss and those of us that have been spared the worst of what the pandemic was to bring have learned to appreciate things that perhaps we took for granted. Meeting up with friends and family; enjoying a professional haircut; being able to travel and revisit the seaside, country houses and parks; having a meal out at our favourite restaurant; the reopening of our clubs and societies, retail therapy and simply having fun. 

Hopefully, in time, we can all look forward to kicking Covid into the long grass and, like smallpox and the bubonic plague, into the annals of history. But this has been a much needed wake up call for us all. We must never forget the lessons we have learned: the importance of friends, the kindness of strangers, and last but not least, to look after our environment and our wonderful planet.

 Jill Truman

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