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Local Issues - Updates Feb 20021

Drainage Problems in Motspur Park 

Reported concerns around the Sir Joseph Hood Memorial Playing fields area with drainage ditches blocked causing flooding to footpaths and gardens appear to be under control. We investigated the situation as did the local West Barnes Councillors. 

Cottenham Park LTN proposal 

There is concern around a proposed Low Traffic Neighbourhood scheme affecting access to and from Cottenham Park Road. As always, there is concern that some roads will benefit from traffic reduction but others will suffer as a result. The aim – to reduce pollution – is admirable but all aspects need consideration. 

Continuing Grand Drive traffic issues 

Although there has been a meeting of the Scrutiny committee which our committee members followed on the Merton Council You tube, there was no clear way forwards for residents’ concerns. It has been suggested that residents worried about damage from vibrations should get in touch with their Insurance companies.

Secondly, the speed limit should be enforced and thirdly, air pollution levels MUST be monitored.

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