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New Committee Member: Mary-Jane Jeanes

We are pleased to welcome Mary-Jane Jeanes onto our Committee. Mary-Jane has been a keen member of our Association for many years and has helped considerably on planning matters. Her help has been crucial with the plethora of controversial applications currently in the pipeline. 

Mary-Jane is also the Chair of the Friends of Cannon Hill Common. She writes, 

Now that we are again asked to limit ourselves to essential travel only, more local people are visiting, and appreciating Cannon Hill Common.  I am sure our members will want to join me in thanking the many volunteers who help with regular litter-picking. 

“A number of people have also asked the Friends of Cannon Hill Common about tree identification. The Friends plan to have a “Tree Trail”, with notices identifying different tree species on the Common, during Love Parks Week (12th to 20th July, 2021). 

“In the meantime, the Friends’ website (https://www.friendsofcannonhillcommon.co.uk/) has a link to Tree Talk https://tinyurl.com/y4dzp6x2 which has maps showing many of the most important trees in London.  The Tree Talk map also identifies street trees and you can create your own “tree walks”.

The Woodland Trust has a free app, to help identify trees: https://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/trees-woods-and-wildlife/british-trees/. 

“Once the pandemic is over, the Friends will resume regular events, such as Bat Walks, plus butterfly, bird and flower identification events.” 

Mary-Jane Jeanes

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