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Trees by Beverley Brook

Trees alongside Beverley Brook at Motspur Park

One of our members, Clare Green, contacted us and the Environment Agency after an oak tree fell onto a Mini. She was very concerned about this and other trees alongside the Brook at Motspur Park.   She has sent us the response she has received from the Agency, who write as follows: 

“The Environment Agency has already been out on site with tree surgeons to look at the remaining trees. We will be taking action to reduce the height of the mature oak trees and removing dead branches etc. from those that we are responsible for on the left bank at the end of the year. There was nothing that the professionals felt was “dangerous” warranting immediate removal. My advice is that the latter part of the year is best for the proposed type of work.

I hope that this satisfies your concerns – do feel free to call me if you have any further queries regarding this issue. 

Mary Seabourne, Technical Advisor, APT (Mole and South London) Environment Agency | Medway House, Powdermill Lane, Leigh, Tonbridge, Kent TN11 9AS”.

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