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Merton Bowling Club - 110 Anniversary

Merton Bowling Club is celebrating 110 years of bowling in the community. 

They have tried to trace the meaning of their Club badge, but details are sketchy. The top part of the badge is the 'Royal Navy Crown'. This is seen on the badges of  most of those for individual ships. It is associated with the Merchant Navy as well. 

The fouled anchor part of the badge is the insignia worn by  Leading Ratings of the Royal Navy on their dress uniform.  The Club would welcome any more information about this from readers of The Guide’s  to add to the club history. 

According to the Club's honours board, and as the name of the Club’s venue indicates, one of the members was Sir Joseph Hood. He was President of Merton Bowling Club from 1920 – 1931. Sir Joseph  was a businessman and a Conservative MP. 

At the 1918 General Election  Sir Joseph was elected as  a Coalition  Member of Parliament  for Wimbledon. He  went on to hold the seat at the next two general elections, and in 1922 was created a “Baronet of Wimbledon in the County of Surrey”. 

Sir Joseph Hood was known as a generous benefactor to the area he represented in Parliament.  On his death the lands he  bequeathed to the community were named after him in honour of his generosity. 

Since then Merton Bowling Club playing at the Joseph Hood Recreation Ground, has had a constant flow of members -  ranging from ten years of age to 94 – and the Club looks to provide a friendly and social environment where people can bowl at their leisure, or more competitively,  pursue places in the  Wimbledon & District Bowling Association and Kingston District League.  

The Club’s 110-year celebrations will continue until its Open Day on the afternoon of Sunday 28th April 2019 from 12.00 till 15.00 hours. 

Visitors will be  very welcome, so the Club hopes everyone will come along and have a free bowling taster session; a cup of tea and a chat.

If you are interested, but are unable to make this date, do please check the Club’s website and consider booking  a session, with or without, coaching at:



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