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Morden Rotary Club - March 2019

Time to say thanks again to Santa, the elves and the support team who helped make our Christmas collection very successful just a few weeks ago. Despite a couple of wet evenings, your Rotary Club raised an excellent total to put into good causes in our local community. A special word of thanks to everyone who generously contributed as Santa did his sleigh rounds.

Also, we thank many more from further afield who visited us at the Lower Morden Lane illuminations. Great work again by the residents there, who've created a wonderful attraction to celebrate Christmas.  Funds have already been allocated to St .Raphael's Hospice, and we'll publish a list of other beneficiaries soon.

Volunteers Needed

May we ask any of our readers if they might be able to volunteer a few hours to help us from time to time?

This year's Christmas rounds and collections is way off - but that's always a fun time to join in -  and enjoy what we do. Much closer, the Summer Fairs’ season is on our planning board right now. Is there anyone who can lend a sturdy gazebo for the day please? and help put it up! work part of the day?

Also, a new pilot scheme that Morden Rotary is operating would welcome your support.  Aldi (Ewell by-pass branch) is donating fresh food and vegetables at "sell-by date" to us. A wonderful bonus!  We collect two evenings a week from there and deliver to Faith in Action at The Salvation Army in South Wimbledon.

This organisation provides hot meals (and much more) to the homeless street people of Merton. Anyone who could help from time to time with the pick-up and delivery would be most welcome. 

Or, have you any serviceable warm clothing, a sleeping bag, backpack etc you can donate please? (contact details for collection below).

Be our Guest

Would you like to be a Rotary Club guest one evening at The Morden Brook, Lower Morden Lane, SM4 4SS?  Visiting speakers in the coming weeks are Wimbledon Guild Feb 28th, Wimbledon Sailing Club March 28th and Child Cancer Care April 28th.

These are all on Thursday evenings and we meet in the back room (where else!) at 6:30 pm. Please contact me if you would like to join President Margaret Sinclair and the dozen other Rotary volunteers on one of these dates,  or any other Thursday evening.

Pennies from Heaven

Finally, we still operate "Pennies from Heaven" - should you have a pile of small change or old coins or foreign currency, we can collect. It all goes to support St. Raphael’s Hospice - over £6000 raised so far; AND every penny donated to us is spent on good causes WITHOUT any deductions or paid staff.

Thanks again for your support, and hopefully you may be able give us a helping hand in the future.

Best wishes to you all for a happy and healthy 2019.

Joss Ollett.

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