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Raynes Park Towns Women's Guild - Oct 2018

Julia Jones was the speaker for our October meeting giving an enthusiastic talk entitled ‘Travels in Iceland’.  

Julia has been travelling to Iceland for many years, originally for a holiday break but as her love and knowledge of the landscape and the hardy, resilient and hardworking people grew, eventually becoming a travel adviser and exploratory holiday break adviser.  

Obviously cold and dark in the winter, during the long light summer days the average temperature approaches 20C.  Certainly, she described a lot to see, with geysers and thermal hot springs, evidence of the periodic volcanic activity (I think we all remember the volcanic dust cloud affecting aircraft flights), waterfalls and lakes, interesting walks, pretty, small towns and villages; trolls, a herring fishing museum, and glaciers - one leading to a lake with floating icebergs.  With a very small resident population, there are far more visitors and casual workers than locals during the holiday season.  The fishing industry has contracted.  Never the- less. the sheep have kept on producing a very fine wool which the ladies make into superb warm garments. 

At our November meeting on November 15th  (1.30 pm at St Saviour’s Church Hall), Michael Grimshaw’s topic is ‘Wildlife in Zimbabwe’. 

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