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Raynes Park Afternoon Townswomen's Guild - Dec 2017

During her talk “40 years of Quilting” Mrs Gillian Harris covered a table with an amazing array of quilted items which she produced from a seemingly bottomless case.  These illustrated different styles and designs, using hand and machine stitching techniques.  After questions ladies were intrigued to examine in detail the various items set out over the table.  We all admired the artistry and patience shown in effectively mastering this time consuming, but very worth-while, skill. 

A repeat visit to Charterhouse.  A second small group of ladies visited this historic building in Charterhouse Square, close to The Barbican.  In summary, this building began as a monastery, became a Tudor Palace and dwelling, then the original home of the Charterhouse School (with many well- known old boys – e.g. Thackeray, Baden- Powell) and currently it’s an almshouse, under the Trust, for ‘brothers’. 

The local area federation of Townswomen’s Guilds’ autumn lunch was held at South Thames College, Merton, on 15th November.  Eleven ladies, spread over two tables, enjoyed an extremely good meal, with well prepared and presented tasty food which was ably prepared and served by College students.  We hope this venue is selected by the federation committee on a future occasion. 

Our regular meeting on 16th November featured a talk entitled ‘Gardens of Japan’ by Colin Jones, who is Chairman of Sanderstead Horticultural Society.  It is amazing how many of our favourite garden plants originated in Japan – hostas, hydrangeas, Japanese anemone, wisteria, azaleas and rhododendrons and, of course, maples.  Japanese gardens are designed to be ‘islands of serenity’ often with a limited palette of colours and featuring water, a tea house, lanterns, pines and maples.  Mr Jones illustrated his talk with beautiful slides, also showing intriguing examples of moss and gravel gardens.  I loved the idea of constructing a rope framework in autumn to protect the shaped pines from being damaged in the snow!  He ended of course with pretty shots of the cherry blossom.  Japanese people have such an interest in this ornamental cherry blossom they monitor and report its opening progress from south to north on television.  Spread over several latitudes, it moves at a rate of 4 miles a day up the Japanese islands. 

Raynes Park TWG Christmas Lunch is to be held at The Leather Bottle on Tuesday, 7 December; we will attend Alice in Winterland at The Rose on Tuesday, 12 December and finally our Christmas Party is at St Saviours at 1.30 pm on Thursday, 21st December 2017. 

We would love you to come and join us. 

Dorothy Raymond, 020 8395 9489



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