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Community Forum - 14 Sept 2017

Flooding in Raynes Park Area 

Carly Mason and Patrick Maher from Thames Water attended the forum to discuss residents’ concerns about flooding. 

Chris Edge informed Thames Water that there are lots of issues with flooding in the area. He noted that there is a problem under the railway bridge, where the council has cleared gullies, which suggests that the pipe is not big enough to handle the flow of water. Patrick Maher explained that Thames Water have investigated and not found any issues; the pipe is large enough. The problem is that when there is heavy rain, it collects because of the land being basin shaped. It was agreed the problem would nonetheless be taken back to Thames Water for further consideration. 

Chris Edge suggested that if major building works take place for Crossrail 2, perhaps Thames Water could undertake major sewer works at the same time, including perhaps implementing a soak-away if the sewers cannot handle all the rainwater. Thames Water agreed that such works would take place in conjunction with Crossrail 2 construction.

Thames Water is aware of flooding at PAG Ltd and Dundonald Church and are carrying out investigations into the problem. 

Residents were reminded that flooding incidents should be reported every time they occur, so that Thames Water have a record of the problems.

A resident pointed out that the pump stations have failed and asked why Thames Water are not more proactive in such instances. Carly Mason agreed that the situation is unacceptable and apologized on behalf of Thames Water. Thames Water is adopting private pumping stations and is in the process of investigating and upgrading them: on Abbott Avenue the equipment is being upgraded; and Approach Road is under investigation. 

Compensation can only be offered if there has been a failure in the service Thames Water provides, not for flooding from foul sewers. In such instances, Thames Water would provide a clean-up service. 

A resident explained that drains along Clifton Park Avenue are blocked, but when this was reported to Thames Water, the response was that Thames Water would not clear the drains until flooding had occurred. Carly Mason apologized and undertook to report the issue so that it can be fixed. 

Thames Water agreed to investigate regular flooding of the shops by Raynes Park Bridge. 

Thames Water is holding discussions with the council to look at inlet gullies.

Edna Road is being investigated and further works are planned. A CCTV survey of Abbott Avenue was carried out after flooding occurred on 30th July. No structural issues were found. Worple Road, which is linked to the same problem, is being investigated. 

Carly Mason reported that Dupont Road was heavily filled with silt this was cleared by 23rd June 2017.

Residents noted that Burlington Road is still flooding, despite works to rectify it.



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