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Association News - August 2017

Will we lose our local Police Station?

Apparently, the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan wants to close Wimbledon Police Station.  He has just launched a consultation on closing half of all police front counters in London, and Wimbledon is amongst them.   It has been suggested that “response policing” is then likely to be based from Mitcham. 

This closure seems extremely short-sighted bearing in mind the Town Centre’s huge night-time economy.  Wimbledon is also a large transport hub which needs policing, not to mention the surge of visitors from all over the world who need to be kept safe when they come to watch the Tennis Championships. Wimbledon Police Station also has a great central location and is easy to get to. 

Because we are constantly being reminded by some politicians about the need to improve security, increase police numbers and so on, I had forgotten that in fact Mayor Khan has already cut £38 million from the metropolitan police staffing budget.  The closure of half London’s Police Stations can only add to any existing problems.   It is to be hoped that residents will let Sadiq Khan know, in no uncertain terms, that they wish to keep Wimbledon Police Station for the reasons stated. 

Mayor’s Transport Strategy

The Mayor of London has also just published his Transport Strategy.   He wants Londoners’ views on this to and suggests we all complete his on-line survey.   We can send in our responses as individuals, or as a group or organisation.   Here is the link:


Overhanging Trees, and Street planting

At the June Raynes Park Forum, a resident expressed concerns about overhanging vegetation from people’s gardens which impedes footpaths -  especially for the partially sighted. She pointed out that residents are responsible for cutting vegetation back to their own boundary lines, and if they don’t do it, the council has to but at residents’ expense. It was suggested that advice about the matter could be included in the Guide to increase awareness. Residents were also asked to water newly-planted trees if they live close to any.  

No Wheelies Please – Merton

Merton Residents propose that weekly dustbin waste collections are maintained and that two 80 litre, lidded recycling bins be supplied to contain two weeks’ worth of separated recycling; both brown, to match the food waste bin.  

 A great deal of careful thought has gone into Merton residents’ proposal and the campaign was launched this spring to propose to the Council and Veoilia Waste Management what seems to be a much more sensible alternative to their own proposal of fortnightly collections enabled by simply supplying two large wheelie bins to every household. 

The Campaign’s Five Point Proposal, makes sound common sense and from the point of view of most householders is more practical and unobtrusive.  The organizers aim is to reach over 1000 signatures to their petition by the next Council meeting in September (they’ve reached more than 900 votes already) and ultimately 2000 votes by the time of the next elections in the spring of 2018. 

To learn more about their proposals and to help the campaign to achieve its objectives visit their website at:


or contact them at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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