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Merton Refuse Collections

Are you happy with the new proposals? 

Very many people have expressed concerns about the Council’s proposals to instigate fortnightly collections of household rubbish and waste for recycling.     Below is the Association’s formal objection.

The final decision is due to be ratified at the Council Meeting on 23rd November.   If you share our concerns, ­ do please write your own letter of objection as this may help to persuade the Council to think again. 

To: Mr. Chris Lee

Director, Environment & Regeneration,London Borough of Merton, Civic Centre, London Road, Morden, Surrey SM4 5DX                                             

18th October 2017


Dear Sir, 

Merton’s Waste Management Proposals 

I write on behalf of the Association and its members to express our grave concerns over the waste management proposal to introduce fortnightly collections for household rubbish and recycling, which apparently necessitates the provision of two wheelie bins per household as well as additional recycling containers.   We understand that the ‘raison d’être’ for this is an assumed reduction in costs and an improvement in recycling.   We are not convinced that either of these assumptions will be realized in the long-term, nor are we persuaded that the proposed capital expenditure (which we believe to be around £7 million) can be justified at the present time.  Since the present system appears to be working well, why change it when it will inevitably have a deleterious effect on the street scene?  As for the anticipated improvement to recycling in the borough, we find it hard to believe that residents who don’t currently recycle, will be persuaded to do so (and to do so correctly) simply because they have been supplied with more and/or larger containers for these materials. 

·                     We would point out that not every household requires a large bin for their household rubbish even if it is only collected once a fortnight.     It would be reassuring to be informed as to whether single households, for example, are to be offered smaller bins. 

·                     Terraced properties, particularly those with little or no amenity space to the front, or properties with no side access, will be forced to fill their frontages with a plethora of unsightly receptacles.  No thought at all appears to have been given to the detrimental visual impact of this. 

·                     What consideration has been given to those who may need assistance with their collections – the very elderly, the disabled or infirm?  

This considerable change in a local authority service that affects every ratepayer has not been consulted upon. Indeed we believe ratepayers have been told that the Council does not need to consult on such matters.  This may be true, but it doesn’t make it right, when the majority party is currently seeking our views as to whether we would prefer a 2% or 3.99% rise in the rates. 

We understand the final ratification of these proposed changes will be made at the Council Meeting on November 23rd.  We would urge that no decisions are taken until the concerns of Merton residents and ratepayers have been seriously addressed. 

Yours faithfully,

Jill Truman




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