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Pavilion User Manual







 1.         General description of premises

2.         Access and Security

3.         Emergency, Fire and Evacuation Procedures

4.         Outdoor Space

5.         Main Room

6.         Kitchen

7.         Toilets

8.         Furniture

9.         Lighting

10.       Heating

11.       Electrical Power

12.       Rubbish & Cleaning

13.       Terms and Conditions

14.       Queries

15.       Key-Holders opening and closing the premises for themselves 


1.         General description of premises 

            The premises comprise a wooden single storey pavilion, three tennis courts and outdoor space. There is an outdoor picnic area with three picnic tables. All areas are accessible via step-free access. The pavilion includes an entrance lobby, main room, kitchen, toilets and storage areas.


2.         Access and Security 

            At the start of the hire period, the Hirer shall be shown around the premises by the volunteer allocated for the Hirer’s booking.The Hirer will be shown the key features of the premises and the location of the fire extinguishers and emergency exits. 

            The volunteer shall also return to close the premises at the end of the hire period. 

            The Pavilion only has pedestrian access. Access is via the shared driveway at 129 Grand Drive, SW20 9LY, and the front pedestrian gate. Inside the front gate, there is a 45m pedestrian route, via a second pedestrian gate, to the front-door to the Pavilion. 

            It is recommended that the second pedestrian gate is kept closed when children are present. 

            Car parking is not permitted on the shared drive. The occupants of 131 Grand Drive have a right of vehicle access along the shared drive to their garage at all times. Their access shall not be obstructed. 

            A maximum of 40 people are allowed on the premises. 

3.         Emergency, Fire and Evacuation Procedures 

            The emergency, fire and evacuation procedures are included in the Pavilion Fire Safety Assessment Plan which may be read at http://www.rpwbresidents.org.uk/issues-and-campaigns/local-news/702-pavilion-fire-safety-assessment-plan . 

            A hard copy is also kept in the Pavilion. 

Hirers should take the time to familiarise themselves with the Fire Safety Assessment Plan prior to their booking. 

4.         Outdoor Space 

            The outdoor space is available to hirers. The double courts (Nos 1 & 2) shall only be used for the playing of tennis. Court No 3 may be used for outdoor children’s games. The playing of football is not allowed on the premises. 

            The floodlighting system to Courts 1 & 2 may only be used by prior arrangement. 

5.         Main Room 

            The main room is 7.3m x 7.3m. 

            All windows shall be closed before leaving. 

6.         Kitchen 

For reasons of safety, children are not permitted in the kitchen. A maximum of three adults is permitted at any one time. The sliding door shall be closed when the cooker is in use. 

The kitchen is not suitable for food preparation. 

Cleaning materials are provided in the basket at the far end of the left-hand kitchen window. These shall be kept out of reach of babies and children.

 6.1       Cooker 

            The electric cooker may be used for heating pre-prepared food. The cooker must be switched on by the isolation switch to the right of the cooker. Immediately after use, all cooker controls shall be switched off and the isolation switch switched off. 

6.2       Fridge Freezer 

            The fridge/freezer may be used for temporary storage of food. Please ensure you remove any of your food/drinks left at the end. 

            Please do not take any other food that may be there. 

            Please do not adjust the controls. 

6.3       Tea Urn 

            The tea urn may be used for heating water. Fill it with the required quantity of water, using a jug. Plug it in and set the switch to “On”. It will heat the water close to boiling and maintain this temperature until it is switched “Off”. 

            Hot water shall only be drawn from the urn using its tap. 

            After use, please switch it off, unplug it and ensure it is empty. 

6.4       Kettle 

            An electric kettle is provided. This should be unplugged after use. 

6.5       Crockery, Cutlery & Utensils 

            Whilst some crockery is available, neither cutlery nor utensils are provided. Hirers are strongly advised to bring their own. Disposable plates and cutlery may be preferable. 

6.6       Washing Up 

            Washing up facilities are limited to hot and cold water and a washing-up bowl. Hirers are strongly advised to take their dirty dishes etc away with them. 

7.         Toilets 

There are two separate unisex WC’s. One is Disabled Discrimination Act (DDA) Compliant. A baby change table, a child’s step-up and toilet seat insert are provided. Non-flushable waste, such as nappies, shall be taken away by the hirer. 

The DDA Compliant Toilet has an alarm. Should this be activated, instructions are displayed to the left of the door to the WC. 

Please ensure the toilets are flushed after each use. 

All used nappies and sanitary products shall be removed from the premises. 

8.         Furniture 

            There are 7 folding tables, approximately 40 chairs and 2 high chairs available for use. Please return them to where you found them. 

9.         Lighting 

9.1       Entrance 

            The front pedestrian gate is illuminated by a PIR light, activated by movement, with timed automatic switch-off. 

9.2       Walkway 

            The walkway lights are switched by waterproof two-way external switches, one by the front-gate and the other by double doors to the main room. The lights are also on a timer that prevents them being used during daylight hours or accidentally left on at night, after 11:00 pm. 

9.3       Lobby 

            The rotary switch to the Conservatory/Lobby lights is by the double doors to the main room. 

9.4       Main Room 

            The switches are below the window, to the right of the main doors, when viewed from inside the room. 

9.5       Kitchen 

            The switches are to the left of the emergency exit, when viewed from inside the room. 

9.6       Toilets 

            There are pull-string switches in each toilet. 

9.7       Toilet Lobbies and Walk-In Cupboards 

            Each of the two toilet lobbies and associated walk-in storage cupboards have light switches. 

            The left-hand walk-in cupboard next to the DDA Toilet is for the storage of furniture and cleaning tools. 

            The walk-in cupboard in the right-hand toilet lobby is for private use. 

            Coathooks are provided in both lobbies for use by visitors. 

9.8       External lights are rear. 

The outside lights that illuminate the step-free access at the rear are switched by waterproof external two-way switches, one located by the emergency exit and the other at the corner of the Pavilion, by Court No 3.

 10.       Heating 

            Heating is by electric convector panel heaters located in the main room and toilets. 

            Switching is controlled by timers and should not be adjusted by hirers, as the timers are pre-set for subsequent periods of occupancy. 

            Users may adjust the heat output by only adjusting the thermostat knobs, but please do not switch the heaters off. 

            The water heaters and hand driers are on automatic controls. 

11.       Electrical Power 

11.1     Socket Outlets 

            The 13 amp power outlets may be used. Please ensure that the child-proof covers are reinserted after use. 

11.2     Under certain conditions, a circuit breaker may trip out, cutting off power to some or all of the premises. Under normal operations, a routine lamp failure may cause this. It can also be caused by an abnormal electrical fault. 

            The circuit breakers are located in the consumer unit, which is located in the DDA Toilet lobby, to the left of the toilet door. Power can usually be restored by returning the circuit breaker to the “On” position. It the fault persists, the hirer shall inform the allocated volunteer. 

12.       Rubbish & Cleaning 

            Hirers shall put away all furniture as found, remove all rubbish and ensure that general cleanliness is kept as found. 

13.       Terms and Conditions 

            This User Manual shall be read in conjunction with the Association’s terms and conditions, which may be read at http://www.rpwbresidents.org.uk/issues-and-campaigns/archive/336-pavilion-hire-terms-and-conditions . 

14.       Queries 

            Any queries about these instructions, the Pavilion and its facilities shall be address to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . 

15.       Key-Holders and opening and closing the premises for themselves 

            Key Holders are responsible for open the premises at the beginning their own hire periods. 

            Key Holders shall be responsible for the safety and conduct of those they have invited to the premises. 

            Key holders shall follow the additional checklist for opening and closing the premises, which has already been issued to them.


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