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41 New Traffic ANPR Cameras

Merton Council is introducing 41 new state-of-the-art cameras  to monitor the area’s roads and keep people safe.  

Cameras using automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) technology will monitor bus lanes, box junctions, no entry points and banned turns. 

Cameras, which will go live in July, are portable, and can be moved to where they are most needed.

The cameras will record short clips of vehicles that break the rules at 41 specially chosen locations across the borough. 

These clips will then be sent to a team of reviewing officers who decide whether to issue penalty notices. The footage will be made available online for recipients to view. 

Cabinet Member for Street Cleanliness and Parking, Councillor Ross Garrod, said: “We have listened to residents who have told us that congestion is one of their top concerns again and again. ANPR will keep Merton moving; making it easier for us all to get to work, pick up the kids from school or do the shopping. It will allow us to free up officer time to tackle other areas of enforcement such as badly parked vehicles. Enforcement is one way of encouraging people to obey the law of the road.” 

For more information, visit www.merton.gov.uk/parking



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