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TfL Public Consultation - A3 Walking/Cycle Routes

TfL Proposed walking and cycling improvements along the A3

Subways at Ely Close and Bushey Road

TfL are proposing to formally allow cyclists to use these subways without having to dismount.


These proposals are in response to a request from the London Cycling Campaign and letters from residents regarding pedestrian safety in subways. They are in line with the Mayor’s Transport Strategy to facilitate an increase in walking and cycling.


By implementing cycle barriers at carefully selected locations in the subway entrance, cyclists will be guided into pedestrian sightlines to be more visible, reducing the risk of conflict. Due to the low flow of cyclists, the area within the subway will not be divided exclusively for use by either pedestrians or cyclists.


Malden Slip Roads: Consfield Avenue, Byron Avenue, Stanley Avenue, Woodfield Gardens


TfL are proposing to install raised tables across the roadway, bollards along the footway edge and tactile paving to assist visually impaired pedestrians at:

·         Consfield Avenue

·         Byron Avenue

·         Stanley Avenue

·         Woodfield Gardens (both junctions)

A raised table brings the roadway up to the level of the pavement to make the crossing easier for pedestrians. By slowing vehicles, raised tables also make it safer for cyclists as they cross the junction. 

Business activity at Cobham Avenue does not make it practical to install a raised table at this junction, although a new surface treatment will be applied.

Please see the plans below for more detail on the proposed changes.


Beverley Way beneath the Coombe Lane Flyover


TfL are planning to provide better facilities for people that cycle and walk along the A3 by widening the existing shared use path running along Beverley Way beneath the Coombe Lane Flyover. The shared use path is already available for both pedestrians and cyclists.


TfL are planning to widen the shared use path by removing strips of grass and vegetation. The path will be widened from two to three metres, wherever this is possible.


TfL will lay new asphalt along this section and plant new, easy to maintain vegetation.


New tactile paving will be provided at crossing points along the shared path.

We intend to start the works in early 2016. However, this will depend, in part, on other works in the area.



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