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Favourite Tree Competition


We know that trees are essential to our health and well-being and can be beautiful and interesting, as is the fine False Acacia Robinia pseudoacacia in Dorset Rd SW19. Do you know of a tree or group of trees in the borough that you really like for whatever reason? If so, why not nominate it for the Favourite Tree in Merton competition and have a chance of winning a prize? It can be growing anywhere – a street, park, railway line or garden but must be visible from the public realm. It can be old or young, large or small and to nominate it you don't need to know the species - we will.  The Tree Warden Group Merton will inspect all nominations and the winner, which might be worthy of the protection of a Tree Preservation Order, will be decided by the borough’s Tree Officers.  

Whoever nominates the winner will receive a tree (12/14cm girth), planted by the council in a park or vacant tree pit of a street nearby. The aim is to help people take more notice of their environment with special emphasis on trees. We have more trees in Merton than most London boroughs but we need to care for them to sustain our future. 


Historical and cultural value – we have trees in Merton possibly 1000 years old. What a story they could tell!

Wildlife value – not just birds and animals but bats, insects and other plants and fungi depend on trees for their very existence. 'Townscape’ or visual value – how they contribute to our streets and how that varies with each season. This competition is organised by the Merton Tree Warden Group and LBM Tree Officers. 

Please email your Nomination to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., with the following information: 

·                     Species of tree (if known)

·                     Location (As exact as possible, so it can be found)

·                     Description and approx. size

·                     Reason for Choice

·                     Your Contact details 


Closing date 15 September 2015

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