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Raynes Park Afternoon Townwomen's Guild - August 2015

Two visits featuring cultural heritage and history at the end of June and beginning of July, both thoroughly enjoyed by those attending.  The first was to the Houses of Parliament and the Jewel Tower in Westminster and the second to Hampton Court Palace, currently celebrating 500 years.  Personally, I was quite unprepared for how beautifully decorated the Palace of Westminster is, the artwork and other treasures.  We had an excellent full tour including both Houses, culminating in the House of Commons, shortly on the point of being prepared for the afternoon session, which meant we were able to watch the security officers and a sniffer dog entering the Strangers’ Gallery!

At Hampton Court, on arrival, all saw the ‘Tudor Welcome’ Timeplay but then split up so members could explore the Palace by different routes and at their own pace.  Most managed a full tour and short exploration of the formal gardens.  The Timeplays throughout the day were a feature of the 500 years celebration, setting the scene and bringing history to life, in appropriate parts of the Palace.  One enterprising member organised her tour to catch most of these, including the ‘500 Years in a day Finale’, when she enjoyed a 500 year toast, and lively dance! with cast members.

Our June meeting was our 82nd birthday party, an enjoyable social event featuring two quiz sheets to tease the brains a little, followed by a well received afternoon tea.  We forgot the matches to light the candles on the birthday cake.  Luckily a church member in the building took pity and gave us a lighted candle from the church!

August activities include a Garden Party (13th) and the coach outing to Hasting (Sept 20th) tickets £15, Pickup 9.30 Motspur Park/Claremont Avenue Junction, and 9.45 am at Raynes Park Station Approach Road side, when many local residents will be joining us.

 In September on Thursday 3rd, a River Trip is planned from Westminster to Hampton Court.  On Tuesday, 8th, the Lunch Club will go to The Haywain, Epsom. 

 The next monthly meeting at 1.30 for 1.45 at St Saviour’s Church Hall is an Open Social Meeting under the Celebrating Age programme.  All are particularly welcome to this meeting.  For more information about any of our activities, please contact Mrs. Dorothy Raymond on 020 8395 9489


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