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Raynes Park High School - May 2015

Inspiring the next generation of medical practitioners 

On20th March a group of six Year 12 students attended a clinical skills taster day at St George’s Hospital London. During the morning the students attended a talk on medical ethics, applying to medical school and gaining work experience which were designed to support students in making future educational and career choices. In the afternoon the students participated in some clinical skills interactive workshops and practical hands-on sessions that medical students also use in training. They measured blood pressure, lung capacity and listened to the valves of the heart with a stethoscope. The students also took part in a clinical course of involuntary reflexes, diagnosing pregnancy and learning the steps of emergency resuscitation. Medical students from different subject areas were on hand to offer guidance on applying for medical university courses. Overall the students gained a range of valuable skills and really enjoyed the day. 

'The St. Georges Trip was a really good insight into my future path, it provided me with a lot of knowledge and information on how to get the best work experience for the medical field. The clinical skills practice was really fun and gave a really good idea of what university life will be like for students wanting to work in healthcare.'  Said Yr. 12 student. 

Music Students do Gamelan 

In 1987 the Southbank Centre was privileged to receive a beautiful Javanese percussion orchestra called gamelan. This was a remarkable gift from the Government of the Republic of Indonesia to the people of the UK as a gesture of friendship. As is the case with many important gamelan ensembles, it was given a name ‘Kyai Lebdha Jiwa’ or ‘The Venerable Spirit of Perfection’.

No previous musical experience is necessary to play the gamelan and enjoy its wonderful sounds; it is a rewarding musical and social activity. Playing gamelan can: inspire self-confidence; improve co-ordination; encourage team-building; enhance listening skills; be a great chance to try something new and develop your playing experience in a relaxed and friendly environment. 

Royal Festival Hall 

On the 24th March a group of Year 10X and Year 9 music students went on a trip to play some gamelan music at the Royal Festival Hall. 

“I expected it to be boring and that all we would be doing would be hitting some kitchen pots! However, there were many interesting instruments such as a Kempui and a Rebab (not a kebab). They sounded beautiful when played together. Music Teacher Mr. White joined in too. I would recommend playing gamelan to anyone; it was a fun and educational experience.” 

Resounding Success for Raynes Park Footballers 

Tuesday 7th April was the start of the first RPHS football tour since 2009. 40 pupils and four members of staff departed for a five-day tour to Valkenburg in Holland which included: 3 back to back matches, 2 training sessions, swimming, bowling and a stadium tour of FC Koln, a top Bundesliga team. 

Day 1: Mr. Hayes, Miss McGullion and Mr. Skinner took the Year 10 boys, Year 8/9 Boys and Girls teams through their paces at a mid-morning training session and began to formulate their strategies for the evening fixtures. RPHS won 6 - 2, 2 - 0 and 2 - 1, exactly the start needed to set us up for a brilliant week 

Day 2: We played 3 evening matches, the Year 10 boys won 7 - 0, the girls won a thrilling game that went back and forth ending 4 - 3 and the Year 8/9 boys drew 1 - 1 with some heroic defending. After the game we discovered they had actually played a Year 10 team so a draw was a brilliant result.

Day 3: It was an early start as we headed across the border to Germany to visit the impressive FC Koln stadium. 

Later that day the girls experienced their first loss to a very powerful de Stein team, despite scoring another 4 goals thanks largely to the top goal scorer of the week, Chloe Osborn.

The Year 8/9 boys won comfortably 11 - 1 and the Year 10 boys finished the tour unbeaten, winning 3 - 1 in a very physical game. 


After 4 days and lots of hard work, RPHS Played 9, Won 7, Drew 1 and Lost 1

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