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Sir Joseph Hood Memorial PF

 Friends of Sir Joseph Hood Memorial Playing Field 

Representatives of the Friends Group recently attended a meeting with Councillor Andrew Judge and Council Officers in charge of Greenspaces. We were told about the arrangements for outsourcing Parks Maintenance which is due to come into effect within two years.

This is a money saving decision by the Council, in the current climate of funding cuts. The plan is that the current Parks maintenance teams will be re-employed with the new contractors, but should hopefully mean that local knowledge isn’t lost and that Friends Groups maintain a relationship with the staff they know. 

We have been invited to make a list of maintenance jobs we feel are important that are specific to our park and we have been also told that standards should be maintained at current levels. 

The important thing is that there are plans to revamp the council website so if people notice things are not done this needs to be relayed to the council. This is how they will hear if the contractors are not working effectively. The onus will be on the public to draw their attention to any concerns.

We are pleased to know that there are no current plans to remove the paddling pool and the Friends will continue to open the summer café this year in the park. 


Mark Ventom

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