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Raynes Park Afternoon Townswomen's Guild - Oct 2014

Helped by good weather and the support of friends from the Residents Association, The Pavilion Social Club and the Rendezvous Club, the Raynes Park Townswomen’s Guild trip to Worthing proved to be a success.  There was an on-shore breeze, but in the sunshine this was not a worry.  Worthing caterers also should be mentioned.  Whatever their other activities, everyone I spoke to had enjoyed their food and praised the restaurant, café or tea room they had used.  An enjoyable day!

 At the beginning of September a group took the trip to The Haywain at Epsom for a lunch social.  A favourite venue, the group again enjoyed both the bus ride and the meal.

The following week a small group visited the Bank of England Museum.  Despite the rather dry subject – the history of the bank and currency, the bank rate, inflation control and the economy – the curators succeeded in making it fun with a number of interactive screens, games and short videos.  To mention one, a film about gold, the gold standard and the vaults was humorously narrated by a gold bar, Stephen Fry providing the voice-over.  One of our party also managed to lift the gold bar (securely!) displayed for visitors to try their strength!

Leaving the museum, the extensive rabbit warren of underground passageways at The Bank station proved an exploratory challenge as the group sought a café used once before.  It was eventually found at the end of a long passageway by Gate 9! 

Once refreshed, two members went on to the Tower of London to view the display of ceramic poppies.  This add-on was felt to have been worthwhile, so the next visit on Tuesday, 7th October will be to the Tower of London to the WW1 commemorative centenary display of poppies.  As our river trip in July was aborted by some members because of an unfortunate cancellation on the day, for the return, we will take a short trip on the river bus from Tower Pier to The London Eye. 

The lunch club will go to The Woodman on Wednesday, 1 October and theatre trips are proposed to Barnum at Wimbledon Theatre (15th October) and Black Coffee at The Rose, Kingston (18th October). 

Our monthly meeting will be on Thursday, 16th October at 1.30 pm at St Saviour’s Church Hall when our speaker will be Faith Powell.  Her talk is entitled ‘TV Quizzes’.

Please telephone if you would like more information about any of our activities or come to our meeting at the church hall.  Visitors are always welcome.

 Dorothy Raymond

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