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Raynes Park Afternoon Townswomen's Guild - September 2014

On 17th July the Guild welcomed Eileen Reynolds from Canine Partners, with her delightful dog Icarus.  This very brave lady with an enormous charismatic personality explained that Icarus, as well as being an amazing companion, also helps her everyday as she suffers from breathing difficulties, fetching her medical bag should she require it and doing many other little jobs.

Canine Partners training centres are at Midhurst and Birmingham.  Dogs are bred especially with a view to training for 20 weeks for this work.  A recent collaboration with the Guide Dogs charity produced a litter of special Labrador golden retriever crosses.  The dogs are trained to help people who are wheelchair bound, have MS or other health or mobility problems, with tasks such as loading and unloading the washing machine, stripping the bed, dressing and undressing, as well as picking up dropped items, fetching handbags or the remote control.   Once a dog is allocated as a partner, they are trained with their new master or mistress so that they can meet that person’s specific needs. 



On a very hot afternoon, Eileen then put  a Canine Partner coat on the dog’s back, and Icarus gave us a comprehensive demonstration of what he could do.  Guild members were completely charmed by both Eileen and Icarus, our Eileen Brewer giving the vote of thanks.


Eileen Reynolds mentioned a number of ways in which we could support Canine Partners, but notable was the suggestion that we could collect used postage stamps, and that periodically they would be willing to come and collect them from us.   If anyone would like to assist TWG collecting used stamps, either Dorothy Raymond or Eileen Brewer will advise how to get any stamps to us.


There is no formal TWG meeting in August, late July and August being the time for fund raising social events and an outing to the coast.  At the time of writing we are still looking forward to our Wimbledon Theatre trip to see TOP HAT  and the Worthing outing, when we will be pleased to welcome those who are supporting us from the Rendezvous Club, Pavilion Club and Residents Association.  However, for both the barbecue at the end of July and the Tea Party in early August, the weather was sunny and hot.  Chasing the shade, a good friendly crowd of members at the barbecue made this a successful afternoon, and those attending the tea party enjoyed a splendid tea – a sumptuous feast in fact - whilst chatting together and admiring their host’s colourful garden. 



Looking forward, on 2nd September the Lunch Club will go to The Haywain, Epsom and on the 9th the visit will be to The Bank of England Museum.


In September the meeting on Thursday, 18th September will be an Open Meeting under the Celebrating Age programme.  Held at 1.30 pm at St Saviour’s Church Hall, all are welcome.  The meeting will feature a quiz and afternoon tea.  Do come and join us. 



For more information about any of our activities please contact Mrs D Raymond (020 8395 9489) or Mrs Eileen Brewer (020 8542 6491).



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