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Raynes Park High School - July 2014


This is going to be an emotional half-term for me, as it is my final contribution to the school newsletter. 

I have been a member of staff at Raynes Park High School for thirty-six years but now it is time to take my leave of the place that has been my second home for all that time. My association with the school actually goes back to 1966 – perhaps an omen for that is the last time England won the football World Cup. Who knows, perhaps it will happen again! 1966 was the year I arrived as a nervous eleven year old making the change from a small primary school called Old Central to the ‘Big School’ named Raynes Park Grammar School. The school was a lot smaller then of course, but nevertheless the nerves were no different to those experienced by all the current students when they made that change. Now, as then, it didn’t take long for me to settle down and I soon realised that the decision I made to come here to continue my education was the right one, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time here. 

I returned in 1974 to teach history and have taught here ever since, despite the pleas of senior management and students to teach somewhere else! Raynes Park High School is a fantastic place to be. I have seen both sides, as a student and as a teacher, and nothing has ever changed my mind about that. Even in my schoolboy days it was obvious that the teachers deeply cared about the students in their care, and that belief remains true to this day. Whether you are reading this as a student or as a parent/carer, the decision to be at RPHS was one of the best decisions you have ever made.

It is with genuine sadness that I leave here. 

I have decided to retire, but it was not an easy decision to make. The school has been part of my life for nearly fifty years and I know I will never forget the years I have spent here. As the Tremeloes once sang, ‘Even The Bad Times Are Good’, (for you younger readers, the Tremeloes were a pop group when Mr. Hoban was in his twenties). Normally this slot in the Newsletter is reserved for singing the praises of Newsoms X but I want to make this an open letter to all Houses, all students and all staff. I know the school is in safe hands and will continue to flourish even when I’m pushing up the daisies. 

I want to thank all the students, all the staff, both past and present, for giving me thirty-six wonderful years here, and I wish you all every possible future happiness and success.

Mr. Dodd - Head of Newsoms


The evening of the 8th May saw the second RPHS Dance Show. It was clear that this show was highly anticipated as the main hall was full to the brim with students, families and teachers who had come to watch the dancers in another fantastic and exciting show. 

There was a lot of pressure on this year’s cast as the previous 3 dance show competitions set a high standard and there were many nervous students waiting to hit the stage but every single one of them was professional and brilliant in all performances. 

The evening provided fun and entertainment through a variety of different dance styles as well as through our host, the increasingly popular Mr. Mba and the students proved they could be versatile in their performances, ranging from cheeky ballroom to serious and eerie contemporary.

It was fantastic to see so many students who have been involved in previous dance shows gracing the stage again and showing how much they have progressed in the last year but it is equally as pleasing to welcome all the new students who have been inspired to participate in dance. 

Miss McGullion and I would like to say a huge thank you to all the staff and students who were involved in the show.  We are incredibly proud of every single dancer and are looking forward to next term already. We do not know how we are going to top this year, particularly the teachers’ dance! 


The Raynes Park High School Street Dance Team will be competing in Blackpool in a few weeks’ time in the UDO National Schools Street Dance Championships.


Miss Bartle - PE and Dance Teacher

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