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Lambton Road Medical Practice - PPG June 2014

Local directory for older patients

The PPG, with the Lambton Road Medical Practice (LRMP), will soon publish a booklet of services that are available for older patients in our locality. Its aim is to improve health locally and we plan to update it as and when necessary. The booklet has some forty entries, so far, listed under different groupings such as activities and networks, social welfare, black and minority ethnic groups, specific conditions, transport, faith groups, residents’ associations. Get your copy and share it with your friends. If you spot any services that we’ve missed, please let us have your suggestions for future editions. We hope you’ll find the booklet useful. 

Contact the Elderly

Raynes Park has its fair share of people over the age of 75 who live alone. Research has shown that they are most affected by loneliness on Sundays. Contact the Elderlyis a charity formed specifically to help lonely and isolated people. This charity organises tea parties in people’s homes. Volunteers host small groups of 5-10 people, who are taken there by volunteer drivers. The charity’s latest group in this area is currently being formed and it would like to hear from anyone interested in attending/ volunteering.www.contact-theelderly.org.uk.

The Practice and the PGG have identified Contact the Elderly as a charity that provides positive benefits for older people in our community. We will be promoting it and are looking into the possibility of hosting such events at LRMP. 

Our first AGM

The PPG came into existence a year ago when the Durham Road and Pepys Road surgeries merged to form the LRMP. We thank all the patients who attended our first annual general meeting on 15 March. They were welcomed by our chair, Jenny Cairns, who outlined the purpose of the meeting, and members introduced themselves. The Chair asked the attending patients to ratify the membership of the Group, the appointment of Officers and to agree the Constitution. All were agreed unanimously. The Officers for the next year are: Chair, Jenny Cairns; Vice Chair, Judith Brodie; Secretary, Charlotte Bennett. Dr Conor Molony, for the Practice, gave a presentation entitled Primary Care in Raynes Park – the new GP Practice (the text of which is available on the website or at Reception). This was followed by another presentation by the Chair, The PPG – Progress so far and the next steps. Mr Nigel Davis was the lucky winner of our draw and was presented with a plant and a gift voucher. 

Some of the points raised during the AGM Questions & Answers session, and action being taken, include:

1. Room numbers of the consulting rooms are very confusing and the signage too small =>The signage is being changed.

2. Will the Practice operate a chronic illness clinic? => As part of a Merton-wide plan to improve patient care both medically and socially, the Practice regularly reviews its patients who have two or more chronic conditions, including dementia. At-risk patients are invited to attend for review and appropriate support.

3. In view of the current difficulties experienced by patients in making appointments, why is the Practice still accepting new patients? => The practice is actively recruiting doctors, nurses, and health care assistants to complement the existing team. Dr Julia Foley (see below) will be joined by Dr Katie Goldsmith in June and the post for another doctor has been advertised.

4. Members of the PPG are all of a certain age and not representative of the community in terms of age, ethnicity and disability => Vispi Jamooji has since joined the PPG, thus reducing considerably the average age of the committee. Ideally we’d now like to have a younger mum as another member: if you are that person who showed an interest during our Open Week, please get in touch – soon!

As you can see, the LRMP and the PPG have listened to your concerns, in particular the very clear message regarding the appointment system. We’re exploring with the Practice if there can be better communication about it. We are aware that the appointment problem is not unique to us but a national one. Advance appointments can now be made up to 4 weeks ahead and there will be late appointments for people who work. A new practice manager has been recruited, Stephen Hunt, who will start work soon. 

Dr Julia Foley

We welcome Dr Foley to the LRMP, a resident of Raynes Park. Originally from the West Midlands, she studied medicine in Sheffield before moving to St Thomas’s hospital for her GP training. She has worked at an inner city practice in Lambeth for nearly nine years with particular interests in diabetes and women’s health, including the fitting of contraceptive implants. Married with two young children, Dr Foley enjoys aerobics and cycling. She told the Newsletter: ‘I’m really pleased to be joining a great team here at Lambton Road.’ 

Blood tests

These can now be taken in the walk-in phlebotomy department of Kingston Hospital on the ground floor as follows: Mon-Thurs 8am -4.30pm and Friday 8am-3.30pm. Contact the Practice if you need a domiciliary service. 

Citizens Advice Bureau

An adviser from Merton Advice will be at LRMP every Tuesday between 1-4pm to help patients with any problem. Ring 020 8715 0678 for appointments.

 PPG Members: Jan Bailey, Charlotte Bennett, Judith Brodie, Jenny Cairns (Chair), Marilyn Frampton, Clare Gummett, Vispi Jamooji, Jacques Lee, Dennis Railey, Marie Robertson

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