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Raynes Park Afternoon Townswomen's Guild - May 2014

Our March gathering was our Annual General Meeting and Bring & Buy Sale.  This relaxed and friendly meeting was well attended and we welcomed the North East Surrey Federation Chairman and a colleague.  During the formal business there was a slight change in personnel on the Committee, Mrs Eileen Brewer being elected Chairman and Miss Margaret Wright moving to Hon Secretary.  The Hon Treasurer, Miss Jenny Hardy’s report and summary of accounts were accepted.  Other re-elected committee members were pleased to welcome Mrs Marion Clancy who volunteered to join the committee.  There was a vote of thanks for all her hard work to Mrs Florence Mahoney, resigning as Hon Secretary. 

It was a drizzly day when 16 members boarded the minibus for our outing to Petworth Park, but it did not dampen our spirits.  There is a lot to see in Petworth House.  We all enjoyed exploring all the rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and other nooks and crannies as well as admiring the sculptures and paintings.  Once again we were delighted to see a visiting party of children in period costume – a small group variously dressed as the lady of the house, the butler, the housekeeper, lady’s maid, scullery maid etc.   The Park was damp but nevertheless most of us ventured out to see the glorious display of daffodils in the rising contours of the garden area. 

By contrast the day was sunny and warm when a group of 12 ladies met in Superfish, Morden for a pleasant rendezvous and lunch on 1st April.  Also that week on the 3rd  a small group went to Wimbledon Theatre reporting how much they enjoyed this particular production of Fiddler on the Roof. 

The following week on 8th April 10 members travelled to the ancient priory church St Bartholomew the Great, West Smithfield.  A place of worship since 1123, this is the oldest church building – still in its original state – in London.  Over the years the building has seen many changes visible in what remains.  Given a guided tour by the verger, we loved the high plain grey stone walls with two tiers of Norman arches, with a third layer of Gothic arched windows above.    As its ancient features are authentic the church is often used by film companies for location work.   The entrance under an archway under a narrow medieval house is also picturesque.   As it leads off West Smithfield the group detoured on the return to take in a short walk through the Victorian Meat Market building.

In May the lunch club will visit the “Kiss me Hardy” pub on Wednesday 7th and the visit will be to Southside House, Wimbledon on Wednesday 14th.   The monthly meeting will be on Thursday, 15th May at 1.30 pm at St Saviour’s Church Hall when Andrea Cameron will give a talk entitled ‘City of London Freeman’. 

Following the relaxed and friendly social occasion of the Bangers & Mash Lunch on 27th March prepared by the committee, we are planning a PLOUGHMAN’S LUNCH ON THURSDAY, 29TH MAY AT 12.15 FOR 12.30 IN ST SAVIOUR’S CHURCH HALL.  Featuring a cheese platter with salad, wine or fruit juice, a desert, followed by coffee or tea for a cost of £5 we wish to invite visitors to join us. 

Please telephone if you would like to share a Ploughman’s Lunch with us or if you would like more information about any other activity. 

Dorothy Raymond

020 8395 9489  



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