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Raynes Park High School - March 2014

Raynes Park High School is a busy, vibrant school and this has been particularly evident over the last few weeks with an exciting mix of off-site visits, sporting events, performance and extra classes to ensure our students achieve their best while we maintain the focus on excellent learning in lessons.  It was particularly pleasing to me personally to meet so many parents of my Year 11 students, giving us the opportunity to continue to work together to ensure that the results the young people gain this summer are the best possible. Like my colleagues in this school, I consider it a privilege to work with my students, and together we are making real progress towards success in June through partnership and support. 

The Year 11 Intervention and Tutoring Programme

This is now well established with a large number of Year 11 students staying late in school to work with subject teachers on specific areas of difficulty or to receive Mathematics and English tutoring in a small, targeted group. This Intervention Programme also operates on a Saturday along with the Key Stage 3 Saturday School and the benefits of the programme are being felt by students already. I am very proud of the positive way our students have responded to this initiative. 

Working with Primary School Pupils

Last month we had several large groups of primary schools’ pupils participating in lessons. It was particularly enjoyable to watch some of our Year 10 students working with these groups in a Spanish lesson and once again I experienced a real sense of pride in our students. I would also recommend that you cast an eye into West Wimbledon Primary

School grounds if you are walking past to see if you can spot the eco-friendly bird houses which were constructed during the Year 5 Design Technology lessons. 

House Dance Competition

I cannot praise highly enough the enthusiasm, hard work and real skill shown by all of the students who took part. It was a fantastic evening and although Newsoms House took the overall title, everyone should be delighted with the quality of their group’s performance. 

Looking forward

We have Year 7 Deep Learning Days approaching when the focus is on Careers and Religious Education. This will involve students in visits and study around Christianity, Islam and Hinduism as well as qualifications, careers and visits to a range of employers such as Cannizaro House, Kingston Hospital and the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development. The two days promise to be interesting and exciting and I am sure that Year 7 will have a really high quality learning experience. 

Mid-Year Examinations

Finally I would like to thank all students and their families for the very positive approach to the Mid-Year Examinations. As I write Year 7 examinations have just finished and Years 8 , 9, 10 and 11 will follow in subsequent weeks. It is very important our students gain the experience of formal examinations and this process supports that as well as giving them the opportunity to exhibit the progress they have made in the first half of the academic year. 

I look forward to seeing the results. 

Mrs Bailey - Deputy Headteacher


Surrey Schools Cross Country Championships 

I am delighted to be able to inform you that Neil Wellard won a medal for third place in the Surrey Schools Cross Country Championships on Saturday 18th January

2014. We all wish him the best of luck when he represents Surrey in the Nationals on 15th March.  Well done Neil. 

Mr Hayes - Head of PE

Ofsted Monitoring Visit 

Ofsted inspectors visited the school at the end of last term to monitor improvements since their previous visit. We are pleased to be able to share with you their findings; that senior leaders and governors are taking urgent and effective action to tackle the areas identified as requiring improvement. The inspectors’ findings recognised the commitment to improvement by school leaders and governors. The improvement in attendance, punctuality and students’ attitude towards their learning has been acknowledged by the visiting inspectors. 

Thank you to parents and carers for your support in ensuring your children attend school every day, and on time. 

A complete copy of the report from Anne Welham, Her Majesty’s Inspector can be found on the school’s website:


Mr Wheatley - Headteacher

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