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Fighting Traffic Penalty Tickets

A letter received from one of our members, dated December 2012:
Driving from Raynes Park to Catford in July, I allegedly made a simple driving mistake, according to the powers that be. I appealed the Charge Certificate to Lambeth Council when I received the consequent fine. Thereby a bureaucratic nightmare ensued.   Unknown to me the appeal was rejected and I  received a penalty that tripled my fine to £195 backed up by  threats of bailiffs.
After a battle I have received apologies for maladministration and all costs have been rescinded. I have drawn a line under this episode.
Discussing this with friends  I am appalled to discover others have been treated in a similar manner and  I feel deeply for all, in particular to those who are vulnerable, such as older pensioners, who are for the most part impoverished and fearful of anything legal.  Pursuing my own matter, I have discovered local council authorities throughout the UK are consciously and flagrantly breaking the law with impunity due to Parliamentary ineptitude. The whole shambles is immoral, cowardly and totally unacceptable and should be challenged.
Your readers may find my contention hard to believe, simply sour grapes perhaps on my part, but harbouring some recollection of debates around controversial schemes at Dorset Rd, Hartfield Rd, CPZ and the ridiculous box layout under the bridge at Raynes Park, I suggest that members of our community would be well advised to click onto the following web sites. 
and select Yellow Box Junctions from its side menu, and
(b)   http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm201012/cmselect/cmtran/872/872.pdf
(c)    www.appealnow.com
There they will find the weapons that enabled me to mount a knowledgeable, successful, appeal.

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