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Storm Henk heralds in 2024

After a particularly wet, windy and grey Christmas break, the New Year brought Storm Henk to Cannon Hill Common.  Early morning dog walkers were met with fallen trees, broken branches and general sogginess underfoot.  However, by 9.30 am Edwin had cleared a lot of the broken branches and he and Dave from the allotments had moved the fallen trees from the paths alongside the allotments and had begun the task of moving and cutting up one very old and large tree which had fallen across Edwin’s Path.   Dave and Nick have also cleared the ditches enabling the water from the common and allotments to drain away and Dave has also built up the sides of the ditch with wood chips which will hopefully help drain the area.    

We are grateful to Sheila for the above report from Cannon Hill Common and for keeping us informed about local events, and once again, we thank Edwin for his attention to the common, and to Dave and Nick for their hard work.

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