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Motspur Park Stn - June 2023

Access for All’ at Motspur Park Station

Update from Dick Coleman, RPWBRA

The extensive improvement programme to provide step-free access has been going for 2 months, but is a long way from completion, in Spring 2024.

At the time of writing, both entrances are still open. We expect the Station Road access to close very shortly, so if you live on the ‘wrong side of the tracks’ you’ll have to cross the line to use the Claremont Avenue entrance. The ticket office has also closed, in order to facilitate its replacement, although we expect the ticket machine to remain in operation.

Other preparatory work is in progress. The main visible sign of progress is a scaffolding gantry over the tracks, for wiring looms. However, this is not the location of the new footbridge/lifts, which will ultimately be on a level with West Barnes library.


If you have any questions, residents are invited to contact

Jack Wharton, Public Affairs Manager, 

Network Rail Southern

1 Puddle Dock, London, EC4V 3DS

Mobile: 07716 095282


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