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RPWBRA - 12 September 2017 - Open Meeting at the Residents' Pavilion, 129 Grand Drive, SW20 9LY

Over the last few weeks the Epsom & St. Helier NHT has been actively promoting and encouraging local people to have their say on the future of Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust. 

We have called this Epsom and St Helier 2020-2030 and already we have received lots of feedback.    We wrote to you at the outset of our engagement exercise and want to hear from as many different individuals and groups as we can before we end the engagement at the beginning of October.   It would be helpful if you could enable us to discuss our plans with some of your Members so that we can reach as wide a range of people as possible.


In summary, we are looking to keep at least 85% of services locally, which will mean that for the majority of patients they will continue to be seen and treated in their local hospital as they are now:  and then we are looking to attract £300-400 million to build a much-needed new acute facility on one of our three sites.


We believe that talking to local people about local services and involving them in the future of their hospitals is key. This is not a formal consultation as we are initially wanting to seek local people's views on making local hospital services sustainable for the long term.  


We do not have preferred option at this stage and want to hear what you think, and over 15 weeks are seeking as many views as possible.  We recognise that funding for NHS investment is difficult -  but we believe that we have a case which if supported by local people will enable us to put a strong case for keeping services local for the future. 


The information we receive from local people will be used to inform the next stage which will be to develop an outline case which will be put forward to the wider NHS.   Any formal consultation will take place later but we wanted to make sure we have the views of local people well in advance of this process.


We would like to hear the views of Raynes Park and West Barnes residents and would welcome the opportunity to come and discuss this at a meeting.   


Lisa Thomson,

Epsom and St Helier Hospitals NHS Trust

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