Local events

Raynes Park Library - November 2015

All events are drop in:

COFFEE MORNING -Tuesday 10th November 11.15-1pm

Norman Smith leads you on a virtual tour of the homes of noble personalities in the area with anecdotes and quotations to entertain and inform.

CHESS CLUB - Mondays 11-1pm

Improve your chess tactics or learn to play from scratch.

JEWELLERY CLASS - Mondays 2-4pm. Learn how to make jewels. (There is a small charge for materials)

FALUN DAFA - Mondays 5-6.30pm. This is a traditional Chinese practice that improves mind and body. 

WRITE AFRESH - Tuesday 1-3pm

An opportunity for aspiring writers and poets to freshen up their writing skills and discuss their work. 

ARTY SOCIAL - Fridays 2-3pm

Join our friendly art club led by students from King’s College School. This is a chance to get creative, learn new techniques and share ideas. 

KNITTING CLUB - Saturdays 12-1pm. Join our new and friendly knitting club. Swap ideas and tips. Beginners are welcome. Please bring with you needles and wool. 

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