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Correspondence with Tesco

The following Letters are reproduced with the permission of Dr. Garry Hunt, past Chairman


To:       Mr. Dave Lewis, Group CEO, Tesco plc

From:    Dr. Garry Hunt

Date:    7th October 2019


Development on the site of Tesco Extra, New Malden KT3 4PJ

Failure of Tesco to Interact with local residents 

The attached letter was sent to you on the 16 September 2019 by post and by email and expressed the many concerns of local residents with regard to possible activities on the site of Tesco Extra, New Malden KT3 4PJ. On behalf of the many thousand of residents who are also your customers, I expressed the need for a meeting between appropriate senior Tesco staff and the local community for mutual benefit, which the Raynes Park and West Barnes Residents’ Association (RPWBRA) will convene. The report of the recent public meeting organised by the Association ( see October Guide, www.rpwbresidents.org.uk) already shows the concerns of residents to possible activities on Tesco’s site. 

After four weeks I have not received any response from you or any member of Tesco’s staff, beyond the automatic email acknowledgement given below. This is very disappointing. You should be aware that my letter has already been published in the October edition of the Guide; the monthly community magazine of RPWBRA so many thousands of people, your customers, are aware of this correspondence. Many are asking for details of your reply.  

I am again sending this letter to you by both mail and email to make sure it is received.  This letter will be published in the RPWBRA Guide so it will be read by local residents, people in neighbouring communities and past members now living in other parts of the country. I hope this time I will receive a reply. When received it will be passed immediately to the RPWBRA for their action. 

The Association has interacted vigorously with countless companies and organisations for the benefit of the local community during the past ninety years. As a past Chairman, I have considerable first hand experience of such activities over several decades. Never before have we been ignored.  

I have once more copied this letter widely to local Councillors, MP and Chairman of the RPWBRA and also the Chairman,Tesco plc. In addition, the letter has been sent to the editor of the RPBWRA Guide. 

cc Cllrs Hina Bokhari, Eloise Bailey, Carl Quilliam, Cllrs David Dean, Daniel Holden, Nick McLean, Stephen Hammond MP, John Elvidge (Chairman RPWBRA), John Allan, Chairman, Tesco plc


The Reply:


To:       Dr. G. Hunt

From:    Lesley Anne Logan, Customer Service Specialist, On behalf of the Executive’s Office. Tel: 0800 072 6685


Date:    7th October, 2019


Case Reference: 3631249 


Thank you for your letter addressed to Dave Lewis, our Chief Executive. As work commitments are currently keeping Dave away from the office, I am writing on his behalf. Please be assured he is kept informed of all contact received into this office.  

I was sorry to hear that some buildings we own have fallen into disrepair. I appreciate your concern about this and that you have taken the time to get in touch with us about this matter.  


I have reached out to Mark, our Property Manager who is in charge of this area. He has advised that we try to keep on top of external maintenance and undertake regular inspections of these buildings. Despite the security we have in place, sadly these buildings have attracted unwanted visitors.  

We are trying to come up with a permanent solution to ensure this area is more astatically pleasing and as soon as we can provide more information we will do so to the local community.  


I have asked for Tom, our local Community and Communications Manager who covers your area to get in touch with you so that he can arrange a meeting with you about this area.  

I hope that this is resolved quickly for yourself and our other local residents.  


If I can be of any further help please do not hesitate to get back in touch with us via post, email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or call (0800 072 6685 – Monday-Friday 8am-8pm, Saturday 8am-6pm).  

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