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Crossrail 2 - July 2016

The Raynes Park Association (RPA) is an umbrella grouping of local residents’ and business associations, of which our Association is a member. The RPA has set up a Crossrail 2 sub-committee to try to achieve the best for Raynes Park. 

Unfortunately, there is currently a paucity of information about the impact of Crossrail 2 on our part of the existing Southwest branches, down the line beyond Wimbledon.  This is where the Crossrail 2 trains are intended to run on the tracks already owned by Network Rail. 

In contrast, the current proposals for Crossrail 2 from Wimbledon into London have been so far prepared by TfL, who are leading the design effort for this completely new central section. The project is very much in the development phase and so much is uncertain. However, there may be another public consultation on new proposals sometime soon. It is therefore very important that the community is ready to respond. 

Currently there seem to be a number of threats and opportunities:- 

Threat of land take for extra tracks/station improvement.

This is likely to be of potential concern to those with properties close to the existing main line between Wimbledon and Raynes Park, as it would seem additional tracks may be contemplated. Additionally, Raynes Park town centre may be affected by improvements to the station. However, this is all speculation and there is no certainty as to how the project may proceed in this regard. 

Changes to service patterns

Not much information is available but it seems there would be changes to the service patterns to accommodate Crossrail 2 trains. There may be an extra four trains per hour on each of the four branch lines beyond Raynes Park, which would flow into Crossrail 2, going to new destinations in London.  There has so far been no confirmation that these trains will stop at Raynes Park. However, if Crossrail 2 trains were to stop in Raynes Park, there would be additional connections through the Crossrail option. There will inevitably be many years of disruption from construction work. 

Raynes Park Station

There may be a requirement to realign the platforms to accommodate longer trains. This would give the opportunity to provide step free access, straighter platforms and to remove the ugly footbridge, amongst other things. 

Two level crossings in West Barnes Lane

Increased services may render these level crossings impractical. It is important that they are not simply closed but bridges are provided to keep these much used routes open. 


As and when public consultations take place, it will be important that residents participate, as Crossrail 2 may have a big impact on Raynes Park.  

In the meantime, if members have any points they wish to share, please contact Jerry Cuthbert, via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , marking your email for his attention.

We would also recommend that you contact Crossrail 2 directly at http://crossrail2.co.uk/contact/


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