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Association's Representations for the "Kiss & Ride"

 “Kiss & Ride” at Rainbow Industrial Estate, Approach Road, Grand Drive, SW20 OJY (14/P4288) 

It is noted that the proposed “Kiss and Ride” facility on the south side of Raynes Park Station (14/P4288) has been submitted as a separate application from that for the Rainbow Industrial Estate (14/P4287). The RPWBRA supports this methodology, on the basis that the “Rainbow Estate Application” (14/P4287) may not be approved or may be subject to subsequent amendments or delays. It is important that the “Kiss and Ride” facility is delivered for the local community, irrespective of the outcome of the “Rainbow Application”. 

We therefore support in principle the need for improving the current unsatisfactory arrangements for setting down and picking up train passengers on the south side of Raynes Park Station but have serious concerns about the design and safety factors:, as follows:



We consider that current design for the “Kiss and Ride” has several short comings that need to be addressed. 

We understand that the minimum requirement for a mini-roundabout in normal road circumstances would be 12m Inscribed Circle Diameter (ICD). However, we do not believe that this would work safely in such a confined Kiss &Ride (K&R) scheme, even if it was slightly enlarged so as to incorporate the whole of the rear garden of No 9 Grand Drive.  

This is because of: 

·                    The close proximity of property boundaries on two sides (south and west), with which drivers are likely to avoid contact.

·                    The close proximity of the footpath on north side, which narrows to a 1.2m pinch-point, right by the mini-roundabout. 

It is likely, therefore, that many vehicles will have to execute a three-point turn. 

There are also likely to be conflicts between: 

·                    Traffic doing “U” turns,

·                    Traffic doing three-point turns,

·                    Traffic crossing directly over the mini-roundabout, as it enters the Rainbow Estate,

·                    Parked vehicles, due to there being in sufficient space for dropping off and/or collecting passengers

·                    Pedestrians crossing the access road.



Notwithstanding the above, we note that the Planning Brief for the Rainbow Industrial Estate, Site Proposals, Section 6.4, states that the Kiss and Ride is a requirement. It is thus implicit that the “Kiss and Ride” facility is a crucial part of the Brief and thus enabled by the “Rainbow Estate Application” (14/P4287). 

Therefore, assuming that redevelopment of the Rainbow Industrial Estate may eventually be approved in whatever form, the delivery of the “Kiss and Ride” facility (14/P4288) should be made the subject of a S106 Agreement or similar Condition attached to the main application. 

This would guarantee the provision of this key requirement of the Planning Brief for the community. Additionally, the S106 Agreement or condition should fix a suitable point for completion of the “Kiss & Ride” within the construction programme for the re-development of the Rainbow Industrial Estate. 

Neglecting to incorporate this safeguard could result in the delay or non-delivery of the “Kiss and Ride”, particularly in view of the complexities of ownership of this part of the site close to the railway station. The potential for failure of this part of Merton’s LDF is significant and should not be overlooked. 


J R Cuthbert

on behalf of the Committee for the Raynes Park and West Barnes Residents’ Association.



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