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Change of Use - 14-16 Coombe Lane


Planning Application 14/P3046,  14 - 16 Coombe Lane, Raynes Park, London SW20 8ND (Next door to Wetherspoon’s Pub)


14 January 2015 - Recent News - This application has been Refused.

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One40 is one of the country's leading specialists in addiction and disorder therapy, with many years experience in both the public and private sectors. It has both day treatment and residential facilities right across the UK. They plan to move their “Thames Clinic”, currently located in Kingston-upon-Thames, to Raynes Park and have applied for change of useof the Ground Floor and Basement of the new development at 14-16 Coombe Lane from Retail to a Short-Stay Residential Health Treatment Centre. 

Dr. Jeremy N. Harris of The Groves Medical Centre, New Malden, has written in support of this application, saying: 

“This is a letter of commendation from the Groves Medical Centre and the partners here regarding the service and provision of care that Thames Clinic has been providing in Kingston, with which we have been involved since August 2012. 

“Incredibly having been a G.P. for twenty five years in the area, I did not know of its existence until we took over the contract, and it would be very difficult to know from the simple sign outside the building and the lack of activity thereabout that the adult detox vacation for drugs and alcohol was taking place. 

“Having taken over the clinical care and the clinical supervision of detox the quality of care provided by both the administrators but more importantly by the CPNs means that these patients receive a very calm and high quality of care that allows them to detox in comfort without very many side effects. The vast majority of patients see it through to the end of the detox vacation, and although, as is the habit of the beast, we do see people coming back, patient satisfaction with the centre is very high. The only problem we have currently is that the number of beds does not meet demand and hence the application to move to Raynes Park. 

“The locality of the station makes this a very good site as patients are received from all over London and the South East either privately or through referrals from the N.H.S. through the Commissioning Boards. 

“I have no hesitation in recommending that planning permission be given for this site, and can reassure both the neighbours and the locality that they would not know that the Thames Clinic was actually on location.”

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