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Proposed Redevelopment of West Barnes Library

Merton Council is planning to redevelop West Barnes Library (Motspur Park). Having considered how such a development would fit into the Borough’s Development Plan, the Library Service is shortly to begin seeking ideas on what facilities you would like to see in a new library. This will lead to a Development Brief that will be used to seek a developer to undertake the project. 

The Council currently envisages a development similar to the one at Raynes Park Library; incorporating some form of residential space on several floors above the ground floor. The ground floor would contain the new library, plus a meeting room and toilets. 

The site’s close proximity to Motspur Park Station and the opportunity to incorporate step-free access to the station, should not be overlooked.  

More information can be found at  here . Later this month (September 2014) the public consultation will begin and you will be able put forward your own views, via the council's website.

During the development works, the Council plans to operate a temporary library somewhere else within Motspur Park.


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