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The St Helier Pub Group - The Inspector's Decision

(Formerly The Campaign for the Morden Tavern)
This report is by the St Helier Pub Group, a local organisation set up to try to save the pub site from development and preserve it for use by the St Helier its local community.
st_helier_pubThe Campaign was saddened to receive the news that the Planning Inspector upheld the appeal by the developer Reef Estates to build Shops and Flats on the Morden Tavern site. The community put up a great fight to save this community asset and we thought our business plan to turn the Morden Tavern into a multi use pub and community centre was a real winner. Sad as we are we still believe the battle was worth fighting and that we should be proud of the parts we all played in this David vs. Goliath battle.
What now?
It is safe to assume that the developer will be quick to begin work on the site and destroy our heritage.  The SHPG will be watching carefully to ensure that they do not try to expand the development and that they stick to the letter of their application. The Campaign will not yet disband as we will be working to realise some form of community bar on the site if the business figures are conducive to this outcome.
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