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Bushey Road - Proposed 30 mph

We have been notified that the council intends to change the Bushey Road speed limit (from the Martin Way intersection to the Grand Drive traffic lights) to 30mph. The limit was originally 40mph and this was considered too high. Despite a 2019 proposal to reduce it to 30mph, the limit was lowered to 20mph. 

However, having consulted residents and other organisations – with the statutory consultation period due to end on 5th August - the council intends to impose a 30mph limit on the stretch, as there are no residential houses lining the road and it will join the rest of the  Bushey Road in having a 30mph limit. 

There are crossings at either end of the stretch, and some residents in the Apostles area would like to see a further crossing installed midway. Safety issues are paramount, and the council has no intention of altering any other 20mph limits. 

Michael Marks

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